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Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)20:42 UTC+1 No.5011989 Report

Hey /lit/ can a Christian become a buddhist and realize enlightenment?

Any books on this topic?
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)20:50 UTC+1 No.5012032 Report

If you want enlightenment read the Greeks or Hindus. Buddhism is just some kind of awful Indian Christianity.
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)20:52 UTC+1 No.5012037 Report


>Buddhism is just some kind of awful Indian Christianity.

Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)20:52 UTC+1 No.5012042 Report


thanks for your opinion
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)20:53 UTC+1 No.5012046 Report

Dalai Lama sez:

Q: Do you think it is possible to be both Christian and Buddhist at the same time?

>I believe it is possible to progress along a spiritual path and reconcile Christianity with Buddhism. But once a certain degree of realization has been reached, a choice between the two paths will become necessary. I recently gave a series of teachings in the United States and one of these teachings was about patience and tolerance. At the end there was a ceremony for taking the Bodhisattva Vows. A Christian priest who was in the audience wanted to take these vows. I asked him if he had the right to, and he replied that yes, of course, he could take these vows and still remain a Christian.
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)20:53 UTC+1 No.5012049 Report

it's all resentment
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)21:00 UTC+1 No.5012083 Report

He's right, most major religions have the same core values and wisdom if you know what to look for.
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)21:00 UTC+1 No.5012092 Report


Ya there seems to be a point where you have to make a decision.

There's a contention between Buddhist no-self + emptiness of all phenomena and the Christian meaning of self and the world.
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)21:09 UTC+1 No.5012137 Report

Well technically the three marks of existence is against the christian doctrine.

Dukkha (suffering from cravings instead of sinning against god)
Annica (impermanance of things, denies the immortal soul/infinite hell/infinite god/etc)
Anatta (non-self, which says there is no self-reference to anything(including the "self"/"soul" that we normally consider))
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)21:14 UTC+1 No.5012163 Report


yes but there are internal paradoxes in buddhism already.

>all things are impermanent
>yet there is a permanent solution to suffering (nirvana)
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)21:19 UTC+1 No.5012186 Report



Buddhism and Christianity are, despite whatever anyone else says, incompatible. I should not need to elaborate, it's really this simple.

Also, a word of caution, the Dalai Lama has to be careful what he says. I would not trust his advice on this topic.
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)21:21 UTC+1 No.5012188 Report


The impermanence thing is as simple as the observation that a man does not step in the same river twice

And 'the' solution isn't a permanent thing at all, not in actuality
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)21:22 UTC+1 No.5012193 Report

No. In Buddhist writings, ALL CONDITIONED THINGS are IMPERMANENT. Nirvana is 'the Unconditioned'.

Nirvana is one of the richest concepts the human mind has ever thought up. It cannot be understood so easily or by some quick reading. It has two main dimensions, psychological in this life, and after death for an Arahant or Buddha. Nirvana in life is basically synonymous with Ataraxia.
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)21:23 UTC+1 No.5012200 Report

You might try reading Thomas Merton. He was a Trappist monk / Buddhist student in the forties / fifties / sixties. Traveled all across Asia, trying to make ecumenical dialogues with the East. Very much interested in revitalizing Christian mysticism and meditation. His autobiography, The Seven-Storey Mountain, is probably his most famous / popular work. He also has several books on the topic of the Christianity and Eastern thought including Zen and The Bird of Appetites, The Way of Chuang Tzu and Mystics and Zen Master.
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)21:31 UTC+1 No.5012236 Report

>And 'the' solution isn't a permanent thing at all, not in actuality

tell us about your enlightenment


if you think buddhism is devoid of paradox and contradiction you haven't read much
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)21:33 UTC+1 No.5012244 Report

Tell us what those are. .
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)21:34 UTC+1 No.5012248 Report

Join a Zen monastery in Japan and try to reach nirvana. It might take you a 3 months or 30 years.
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)21:37 UTC+1 No.5012258 Report

>if you think buddhism is devoid of paradox and contradiction you haven't read much
>if you think

Well if you think there will always be contradiction regardless of the matter
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)21:42 UTC+1 No.5012277 Report

>there are contradictions in buddhism

thanks internet, sure cleared things up for me
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)21:42 UTC+1 No.5012279 Report

>a 'thing'
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)21:44 UTC+1 No.5012283 Report

>Tell us what those are. .

well it makes claims we can't know "all things are impermanent, conditioned, interdependent" then it conveniently claims some things aren't " impermanent, conditioned, interdependent (i.e nirvana)"

It never makes the redundant statement you imagined that "all conditioned things are impermanent" that is a non-statement...

Sunyata/emptiness/dependence is a mark of ALL existence. If we want to posit that nirvana is something real or existent or possible then it is also empty/dependent/temporal. But this contradicts the magical nature of nirvana as being unborn, independent, permanent.

We can't know if all things are impermanent, we can't know if any thing is permanent.

There's also contradictions in the idea that Nirvana is unconditioned, yet the PATH to it is 8-fold...
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)22:32 UTC+1 No.5012489 Report


Merton's centering prayer is a valuable technique, comparable to Buddhist concentration. Solid starting point.
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)22:33 UTC+1 No.5012499 Report

Meister Eckhart

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