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Anonymous 06/15/14(Sun)22:49 UTC+1 No.5017192 Report

It seems that all great authors and philosophers were gay or supported homosexualism, why is this and is there any relevant philosopher that disputes homosexualism and its derivations?
Anonymous 06/15/14(Sun)22:50 UTC+1 No.5017198 Report

I doubt there is a correlation, as I refuse to believe homosexuality to be anything more than a preference.

It is not an identity or a state of mind, its just whatever
Anonymous 06/15/14(Sun)22:51 UTC+1 No.5017203 Report

It's an elaborate troll. Smart men use academia to try and convince stupid men that they're actually secretly gay. This allows the smart people to sneakily impregnate the hot wives of dumb men while they're out at the bars with their buddies trying to drink and convince themselves they're straight.
Anonymous 06/15/14(Sun)22:53 UTC+1 No.5017213 Report

Why is it that all the writers approaching greatness seem to be gay?
Anonymous 06/15/14(Sun)22:54 UTC+1 No.5017216 Report

lol, that is simply not true
Anonymous 06/15/14(Sun)22:54 UTC+1 No.5017218 Report


If someone were to create such an elaborate deception I would think that his goal is something else then just reproduction / booty.
Anonymous 06/15/14(Sun)23:00 UTC+1 No.5017246 Report

Not worth thinking about why does it happen or what does it imply?
Anonymous 06/15/14(Sun)23:00 UTC+1 No.5017247 Report

D.H. Lawrence wondered the same thing in a letter:

"I would like to know why nearly every man that approaches greatness tends to homosexuality, whether he admits it or not,"

So thinking he was a genius and therefore homo too he tried to homotize John Middleton Murry who didn't much appreciate it
Anonymous 06/15/14(Sun)23:02 UTC+1 No.5017260 Report

I'm not even going to check if that's true before repeating it.
Anonymous 06/15/14(Sun)23:03 UTC+1 No.5017262 Report


It's just a sexuality to me, it means nothing. If you want to be a flaming faggot then I will axe you, but if you're a regular person who happens to be gay then we can rock

It's weird because alot of the gay writers never speak about it, which leads me to believe they're aware the pulp would think less of than should they admit so

who gives a shit
Anonymous 06/15/14(Sun)23:08 UTC+1 No.5017293 Report

>Just a sexuality
How can you even say that? Sexuality is the reason why we are all here.
You seem to put it in terms of faggots, and that is something I won`t even waste my keyboard on.
Anonymous 06/15/14(Sun)23:09 UTC+1 No.5017296 Report

fuck off faggot
neetchuh 06/15/14(Sun)23:11 UTC+1 No.5017308 Report


perhaps to actually possess great intellect you eventually have to come to a conclusion about aesthetics. some of the same things you like in women can be found in men. when you are intellectually honest, you will trend toward homosex as a result

what is 'homosexualism'
Anonymous 06/15/14(Sun)23:11 UTC+1 No.5017311 Report

why, is it MORE than a sexuality?

and yes I differentiate gays from faggots the same way I do for niggers and black people
Anonymous 06/15/14(Sun)23:11 UTC+1 No.5017314 Report


So many gays...
Anonymous 06/15/14(Sun)23:23 UTC+1 No.5017366 Report

Yes, one does get over the primal drive of fucking a woman in order to impregnate her and everything that comes with this instinct. But the question is, does one need to abandon women in order to reach greatness? Do humans need to leave this primordial state?
Anonymous 06/15/14(Sun)23:39 UTC+1 No.5017462 Report

Anonymous 06/15/14(Sun)23:43 UTC+1 No.5017482 Report

shut up kaworu you useless fag
Anonymous 06/15/14(Sun)23:51 UTC+1 No.5017519 Report

the distinction that one is homosexual or heterosexual in strict binary is a relatively new way of thinking about human sexuality. So in some instances, it is just a result of a society or a place where sexuality isn't defined as it is today, for others, it's probably a rejection of this designation as arbitrary.
Anonymous 06/15/14(Sun)23:54 UTC+1 No.5017530 Report

maybe its because due to the repressed state of their sexuality they must focus their minds on other pursuits than sex?
Anonymous 06/16/14(Mon)00:01 UTC+1 No.5017562 Report

the Le Monde list has 7 gay writers (at a glance, that I'm familiar with). The other lists are worthless; not only repeat authors, but 4 Dostoyevsky?
Anonymous 06/16/14(Mon)01:07 UTC+1 No.5017857 Report

Narcissism, perfectionism, etc..

When society says you're imperfect, an abomination right from the start you try hard to prove them wrong or quit life.

Lots of gay people seem to go through life contantly angy, at old age it gets worse, their anger become bitterness and we all know how these feelings can breed better writers.

Too bad nowadays we don't persecute gay people enough (except for 3rd world shitholes), we could get lots of great artists out of it. I would dare to say that how feminism is going, white straight males will shine even more in this century.
Anonymous 06/16/14(Mon)07:27 UTC+1 No.5018985 Report

When you put it that way it seems to me that it is a good thing that we don't persecute gays that much. Lets persecute every white male, make him think that he is an abomination, then he could show all his worth and glory.
And feminisim is just a scam for women who don't have the intellectual means to explain the difficulty of life (I still beleve that this is only a minority of women). The whole thing looks like some homosex scheme where they watch an enraged delusional woman argue with a man while they both sit in a sinking boat.
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