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Anonymous 06/25/14(Wed)22:01 UTC+1 No.5058168 Report

Litteral shit

Pretentious drivel , please dont waste your time on this as some pages were so ridiculous that i wasnt sure on when to cringe or put the book down

Im not sure if he was going with the cave anology effect or what but this book sucks,dont buy
Anonymous 06/25/14(Wed)22:03 UTC+1 No.5058182 Report

Anonymous 06/25/14(Wed)22:15 UTC+1 No.5058246 Report

And that was the first time humanity saw the color blue....etc etc
and such rubbishy statements

Did not enlighten me is any way, in fact I felt more stupid with each chapter
Anonymous 06/25/14(Wed)22:21 UTC+1 No.5058284 Report

Yfw this shit apparently inspired Dan brown
Anonymous 06/25/14(Wed)22:54 UTC+1 No.5058443 Report


>thinking he was speaking literally and not metaphorically
Anonymous 06/26/14(Thu)00:08 UTC+1 No.5058717 Report

I imagine the Illuminatus Trilogy is much better
Anonymous 06/26/14(Thu)00:38 UTC+1 No.5058814 Report

You mean dribble?
Anonymous 06/26/14(Thu)05:14 UTC+1 No.5059845 Report

The Illuminatus! Trilogy is a fun read. Not superb writing, but still very fun.
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