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Anonymous 11/18/14(Tue)17:18 UTC+1 No.5743624 Report

There's gonna be a presentation of this Vladimir Sorokin's new book tonight in Hungary. I'm going. I like his works very much, even though I can't really explain why, they are so weird, disturbing and frightening but very lyrical at the same time. I don't know, but there's definately something about them.
So what does /lit/ or Russiabros - if any of you are here - think about this writer? Do you like him or not? Why? Do you think the picture of Russia he describes in his books is accurate?

Anonymous 11/19/14(Wed)00:50 UTC+1 No.5745158 Report

I've heard of him.
Anonymous 11/19/14(Wed)01:05 UTC+1 No.5745196 Report

i liked the queue a lot

ice trilogy was unbearable
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