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What did you guys think about...
Anonymous 08/31/14(Sun)16:00 UTC+1 No.5366862 Report

What did you guys think about the short story by Harlan Ellison, a boy and his dog?
Anonymous 08/31/14(Sun)16:01 UTC+1 No.5366867 Report

Harlan Ellison was a fuckin' G, man. Too bad his writing is kind of so-so. He had a great imagination.
Anonymous 08/31/14(Sun)16:02 UTC+1 No.5366869 Report

harlan ellison isn't dead
Anonymous 08/31/14(Sun)16:03 UTC+1 No.5366870 Report


He's still alive and well:

Anonymous 08/31/14(Sun)16:06 UTC+1 No.5366878 Report

he's dead to me
Anonymous 08/31/14(Sun)17:01 UTC+1 No.5367044 Report

Does anyone have a real opinion about the story?
Anonymous 08/31/14(Sun)17:02 UTC+1 No.5367049 Report

Haven't read it but love Harlan so so much. He's a genius.
Anonymous 08/31/14(Sun)17:07 UTC+1 No.5367063 Report

What is the title of the short story by Harlan Ellison, a boy and his dog? I didn't know Ellison collaborated with other writers or strove to promote young and canine authors.
Anonymous 08/31/14(Sun)17:08 UTC+1 No.5367065 Report

I've read IHNMAIMS is there a collection of stories or something i should read as well
Anonymous 08/31/14(Sun)17:11 UTC+1 No.5367077 Report

I saw the movie and it was good
But I don't read so
Anonymous 08/31/14(Sun)20:16 UTC+1 No.5367814 Report

I dont get his beef with the last line in the movie

it was, at worst, corny
Anonymous 08/31/14(Sun)20:40 UTC+1 No.5367914 Report

he has beefs with everybody
Anonymous 08/31/14(Sun)20:47 UTC+1 No.5367938 Report

I wonder what he thought of the IHNMAIMS game.
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