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File: beloved_cover140-d890f7e71c667ff7c0478a911c3787f11b8b6b25-s6-c30.jpg-(43 KB, 948x1394)
You want to know why I love...
Anonymous 06/07/14(Sat)03:06 UTC+1 No.4981247 Report

You want to know why I love this book? It's ultimate message is that while the past may have been bad, you still have to move on.
Anonymous 06/07/14(Sat)03:31 UTC+1 No.4981329 Report

What the fuck are you talking about? This thing is garbage. She only won that award because she's a nigger.
Anonymous 06/07/14(Sat)03:35 UTC+1 No.4981341 Report

What are you talking about? It's clearly one of the best books written in the 20th century.
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