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Asuka: Mom! Mom! They selected...
dorkly chair of the institute for space politics 07/06/14(Sun)06:58 UTC+1 No.11036602 Report

Asuka: Mom! Mom!
They selected ME!
I'm an elite pilot, about to protect mankind.
The best in the world.
It's a secret to everybody.
But I'll tell you, mom!
Everybody is so nice to me,
that I'm not lonely.
I'm OK, even though I don't have father.
Look at me! Me!
Hey Mom!
dorkly chair of the institute for space politics 07/06/14(Sun)06:59 UTC+1 No.11036603 Report
File: 1404162369268.jpg-(125x125)
Asuka: Syncro rate Zero....
Asuka: Syncro rate Zero.
I've no capacity to be the Second Children.
I've no reason to exist.
No one looks at me.
Not daddy, mom, or anybody.
There's no reason for me to live.

Staff: You are Soryuu Asuka Langley?
dorkly chair of the institute for space politics 07/06/14(Sun)07:00 UTC+1 No.11036606 Report
File: 1404176571468.jpg-(70x125)
Makoto: Second section of...
Makoto: Second section of Inteligence Division says the Second Children was captured alive.

Misato: I see.
They found her 7 days after they lost her. That isn't like them.

Makoto: Maybe it was on purpose, then.
The Planning Division is trying to make trouble for us.

Misato: It could be.
(And, today, the Fifth will arrive to replace Asuka. The scenario is too prearranged.)
dorkly chair of the institute for space politics 07/06/14(Sun)07:01 UTC+1 No.11036609 Report
File: 1404186501914.jpg-(125x93)
Shinji: Ayanami Rei, It may be...
Shinji: Ayanami Rei,
It may be correct... that impression.
My mom's ...
Rei and my Mom...
What is my Father doing for these two?
dorkly chair of the institute for space politics 07/06/14(Sun)07:02 UTC+1 No.11036612 Report
File: 1404187895663.jpg-(124x125)
Ritsuko: Commander Ikari, My...
Ritsuko: Commander Ikari,
My cat died,
which my grandma had been taking care of.
I hadn't been taking care of it for a long time.
Suddenly now, I cannot see it again.
dorkly chair of the institute for space politics 07/06/14(Sun)07:04 UTC+1 No.11036615 Report
File: 1404189609674.jpg-(125x89)
Gendou: Why did you destroy...
Gendou: Why did you destroy the Dummy System?

Ritsuko: It's not the Dummy System, but Rei who I destroyed.

Gendou: I ask you once more.

Ritsuko: Now, I'm not happy even if you hold me.
You can do anything you like to my body,
as you did before.
dorkly chair of the institute for space politics 07/06/14(Sun)07:05 UTC+1 No.11036619 Report
File: 1404199946641.jpg-(125x89)
Gendou: I was disappointed by...
Gendou: I was disappointed by you.

Ritsuko: Disappointed?
You have neither expectations nor hopes for me.
I have, nothing, nothing ...
what shall I do, mom.?
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