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Anonymous 05/26/14(Mon)04:11 UTC+1 No.10861968 Report

Does anyone know if there are any plans to reprint this and Son of Godzilla?
I know there are legal issues keeping Godzilla 1985 from getting a blu-ray and DVD release. I'm honestly surprised GvMG hasn't been picked up by someone else. You'd think that'd be a prime get.

The old prints of these movies are getting scalped ofcourse.
I was hoping to get a complete DVD/Blu-Ray collection.
Anonymous 05/26/14(Mon)22:32 UTC+1 No.10865576 Report

Anonymous 05/26/14(Mon)22:47 UTC+1 No.10865638 Report

Its not exactly out of print...
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)05:15 UTC+1 No.10867464 Report

Then explain why no retailers have it and everyone else is selling it for 70+$ secondhand.
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