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Anonymous 07/22/14(Tue)03:23 UTC+1 No.11112258 Report

Gunpla workspace thread. What do you do to keep your workspace from looking like mine? And how do you maintain it? And yes im really messy. But i want to stop being so messy. I have a shit ton of bins and boxes and i use them but after a few hours of gunpla it goes right back to looking like this. Also show off your gunpla workspace.
Anonymous 07/22/14(Tue)03:28 UTC+1 No.11112296 Report

I put everything (cutting board and frequent used tools) inside a MG box and keep the less used ones like paintcans and airbrush kit on lowest floor of my gunpla shelf.
Anonymous 07/22/14(Tue)03:32 UTC+1 No.11112322 Report

I tried to organize but every time i do it just ends up like this again.
Anonymous 07/22/14(Tue)04:00 UTC+1 No.11112463 Report

Anonymous 07/22/14(Tue)04:18 UTC+1 No.11112530 Report

xenoboost 07/22/14(Tue)04:30 UTC+1 No.11112595 Report

I use a plastic storage draw to hold on to most of my paints and tools, and i use a fold away table for an easy access workbench. just have out whats needed for the task on the kit
Anonymous 07/22/14(Tue)04:30 UTC+1 No.11112597 Report

This should be in the Gunpla/Plamo general
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