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Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)01:31 UTC+1 No.11149050 Report

Is there any mecha series you guys can recommend that has the mechs/robots actually characters themselves? Pic related
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)01:32 UTC+1 No.11149057 Report

Sunrise Brave (Yuusha) series.
Future GPX Cyber Formula.
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)01:33 UTC+1 No.11149058 Report


Doing the whole Transformers thing? GaoGaiGar and the other Brave series did this. Machine Robo too I think.

Calvin Coolage 07/30/14(Wed)01:33 UTC+1 No.11149059 Report

>An Autobot is a Chinese plane while a Decepticon is an American
Shieeet, there's some irony.
Technically, M3 falls into the mechs are characters thing. It's just not revealed right away.
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)01:47 UTC+1 No.11149107 Report

FMP (Al counts, right?)
SD Gundam Sangokuden
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)01:53 UTC+1 No.11149138 Report

Not mecha per se, but yukikaze is a fighter jet with sentient ai, and is frankly a better character than its pilot.
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)01:57 UTC+1 No.11149150 Report

I think Burgadish is a pretty cool guy eh keeps his pilot fed and doesn't afraid of anything.
ELLIPSE 07/30/14(Wed)02:06 UTC+1 No.11149170 Report

Rei's more fun in the books, but yeah Yuki pretty much steals the spotlight after switching to the Maeve airframe and getting major character development throughout the span of the second book.
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)02:36 UTC+1 No.11149275 Report

Hollywood's china cocksucking is getting plain fucking ridiculous lately with all the fucking gratuitous chinatown lantern shots for no fucking reason in EVERY FUCKING MOVIE.
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)02:42 UTC+1 No.11149300 Report

Guyver is amazing but it neither belongs in this thread or on this board.
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)02:45 UTC+1 No.11149316 Report

>He doesn't think guvyer is /m/
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)02:46 UTC+1 No.11149322 Report


Details please. Tell me what they do exactly with their characters and sets them apart?
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)02:46 UTC+1 No.11149323 Report

Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)03:04 UTC+1 No.11149418 Report

>He still thinks guyver is /m/
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)03:12 UTC+1 No.11149468 Report

GitS: Stand Alone Complex
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)03:52 UTC+1 No.11149657 Report

They even completely rewrote the story for the Red Dawn movie to have the enemies be norks instead of chinese.
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)04:21 UTC+1 No.11149767 Report

Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)04:50 UTC+1 No.11149887 Report


Would you really recommend appleseed?
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)05:20 UTC+1 No.11149981 Report

I can't tell if you're askinf my opinion or if you mean that you didn't like the movie and are asking if I would recommend crap. But I'll assume the first.

Basically, yes. I would recommend Appleseed and Ex Machina. I haven't seen the others.

I saw the 2004 movie and Ex Machina a few years ago. I want to say that 2004 had some sort of stupid android plot, but overall I thought it was pretty good. Ex Machina got weird in the second half but the impression I'm left with right now is that it wasn't bad.

I mean, in reality, mecha anime always have some shit that you can nitpick over about them. Especially mecha anime, I wonder why that is.
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)05:24 UTC+1 No.11149997 Report

The Braves Series, esp. J-Decker.
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)06:47 UTC+1 No.11150319 Report

Did Ex-Kaiser ever get finished?
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)06:52 UTC+1 No.11150338 Report

Gold Lightan
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)06:54 UTC+1 No.11150348 Report


guyver is /m/. its biomechanical power armor
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)12:40 UTC+1 No.11151121 Report

Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)12:49 UTC+1 No.11151131 Report

Not him but while I wouldn't recommend the adaptations I'd recommend the manga in a hearbeat and recommend it again.

If he's talking about Briareos it's kind of pushing it but hey whatever. Go read Appleseed, it's fucking good.
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)12:57 UTC+1 No.11151135 Report

Idolmaster Xenoglossia


The Iron Giant
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)13:06 UTC+1 No.11151148 Report

Well, the Yuusha series (which means Hero in Japanese) are a series of Heroic looking robot that fight world threats which change depending on the series. Some Titles have sentient robots, who are characters in of themselves. Others don't and have human pilots instead, but all feature robots prominently.
A key point is that this is a Super Robot series, so they don't treat robots like they would in a military-centric Real Robot show; the sentient robots are the heroes, and if they don't have sentient robots, the pilots and their robots are treated one and the same.
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)13:57 UTC+1 No.11151233 Report

Anonymous 07/31/14(Thu)01:35 UTC+1 No.11154056 Report


Gargantia has Chamber, the best brobot in years.

Ghost in the Sheel: SAC has the Tachikomas, where are not giant but are really great.

Eureka Seven has a borderline case. Nirvash basically doesn't talk, but it is clearly alive and is very much a main character.
Anonymous 07/31/14(Thu)02:20 UTC+1 No.11154301 Report

The Ghost in the Shell manga has Tachikomas too. Er, they're called Fuchikomas, I still don't get the distinction. And yeah they are so great.
Anonymous 07/31/14(Thu)05:34 UTC+1 No.11155116 Report

Dragon's Heaven. Giant sentient robot works alongside human in power armor to fight an old enemy. Dem Matoko Kobayashi mechanical designs, dat Moebius styling.

Roujin-Z. Driving point of the plot is a machine that gains a kind of sentience, I don't know what to say without giving even more away but trust me, it's forty five minutes long so just go watch it. Right now.
Anonymous 07/31/14(Thu)05:40 UTC+1 No.11155129 Report

>Nirvash basically doesn't talk, but it is clearly alive and is very much a main character.

Well, there's the movie. Then again, it's the movie.
Anonymous 07/31/14(Thu)05:48 UTC+1 No.11155160 Report


>Traitors and whores
>The purest form of love
>Solid Azusa
>Axe Loli

They never talk, but Nebula and Imber are characters nonetheless.
Anonymous 07/31/14(Thu)06:00 UTC+1 No.11155210 Report

I liked Dragon's Heaven, but it was too short and the plot just kind of happened without much advancement done by the characters.
Anonymous 07/31/14(Thu)07:14 UTC+1 No.11155522 Report

The Fuchikoma design couldn't be used for some bullshit legal reason, so they had Shirow design a new spider-bot type thing in their place.
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