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So I just finished Unicorn and...
Anonymous 07/26/14(Sat)07:59 UTC+1 No.11130325 Report

So I just finished Unicorn and it left me in a really good, upbeat mood. Is there any other Gundam shows like it? Heavy when it needs to be but overall uplifting, optimistic tone + good soundtrack?

Or any similar mecha anime will do.
Anonymous 07/26/14(Sat)08:13 UTC+1 No.11130347 Report

victory has a great soundtrack, brings you to the edge of despair, then leaves you with a certain hope for the future
Anonymous 07/26/14(Sat)08:15 UTC+1 No.11130349 Report

Turn A Gundam : 50 episodes
Toward the Terra : 24 episodes or 3 manga volumes

Alternatively, watch Galaxy Railways season 1 or any Harlock installment
Anonymous 07/26/14(Sat)08:18 UTC+1 No.11130353 Report

>Uplifting, optimistic tone
>Good music

Gundam X is right down your alley
Anonymous 07/26/14(Sat)08:21 UTC+1 No.11130355 Report
File: 1175697552679.jpg-(125x100)
>>11130349Not sure...
Not sure I'd strictly count Terra as mecha but it was great and really underrated when it was airing.

Along the same line Planetes
Anonymous 07/26/14(Sat)08:23 UTC+1 No.11130360 Report

I should say, while both victory and unicorn have orchestral soundtracks, unicorn's soundtrack feels like a mix of booming action, uplifting melody, and a bit of sadness, while victory's soundtrack is like..

>quiet contemplation

>with some melancholy tunes

>building into a "can do" spirit
Anonymous 07/26/14(Sat)08:36 UTC+1 No.11130371 Report

Best Victory music
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