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Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)04:20 UTC+1 No.11107669 Report

So I've been living under a rock for some time now.
Any good recommendations for some mech anime that came out between 2013-2014 time? Last two I've seen are Build fighters and Unicorn
Mattman324 07/21/14(Mon)04:22 UTC+1 No.11107674 Report

One asshole has to suggest Valvrave, may as well be me.

it's supposed to be pretty damn bad.
Calvin Coolage 07/21/14(Mon)04:24 UTC+1 No.11107680 Report

M3: the dark metal.
Iz bretty gud.
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)04:28 UTC+1 No.11107699 Report

Ya I know how much of a train wreck that one is.. I've seen abit of the first part. Guess I must've lurked often here at the time
Cool, maybe I'll check it out thanks
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)04:31 UTC+1 No.11107709 Report

Knights of Sidonia
The CG is jarring at first but it's pretty solid
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)04:32 UTC+1 No.11107714 Report

Was considering that at one point... the show popped up on my netflix recommendation list
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)04:56 UTC+1 No.11107837 Report

My opinion is thatBuddy Complex is pretty good. Everything about it is pretty generic but it's just executed well, which I guess is a testament to good directing.
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)04:57 UTC+1 No.11107842 Report

Majestic Prince, Aldnoah Zero, Argevollen.
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)05:05 UTC+1 No.11107876 Report

Seconding his. Buddy Complex isn't revolutionary, but it managed to not be a trainwreck. I'm sure some here will disagree though.

Majestic Prince is also not too bad, and I didn't watch Captain Earth, so I'm unsure of its trainwreck status, but it is also fairly new.
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)05:13 UTC+1 No.11107913 Report

aldnoah zero and argevollen shouldn't be mentioned since they are still airing and only have 3 eps out. You can't really determine if they are "good" with only 3 eps.
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)07:03 UTC+1 No.11108292 Report


>You can't really determine if they are "good" with only 3 eps.

That's just a suggestion for giving something a chance. If the art, animation, characters and basic story description doesn't float your boat, you should probably not even bother.

Image related. Only saw one ep. Nothing I've read about it since has led me to believe anything of value has been lost on my part.
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