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Supplemental 4chan ToS...
Anonymous 05/30/14(Fri)01:33 UTC+1 No.10879199 Report

Supplemental 4chan ToS regarding the usage of /m/

- Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny shall not be discussed in any capacity
- Tokusatsu posts must be limited to their general threads
- The only "waifus" allowed to be mentioned are robots.

Upon posting to /m/ you agree to these terms.
Anonymous 05/30/14(Fri)01:35 UTC+1 No.10879206 Report
File: Karen.jpg-(125x125)
Sorry, mai waifu wouldn't...
Sorry, mai waifu wouldn't like it if I agreed to those.

She's from a high-tier /m/ show, if that makes things better.
Anonymous 05/30/14(Fri)01:38 UTC+1 No.10879218 Report
File: dickeido_sanjou_2.jpg-(125x70)
>there are still people who...
>there are still people who think toku isn't /m/

This is now a Toku GIF/WebM thread.
Calvin Coolage 05/30/14(Fri)01:38 UTC+1 No.10879223 Report

>08th MS Team
>High tier
I enjoyed it, but I don't consider it high tier.
Anonymous 05/30/14(Fri)01:39 UTC+1 No.10879224 Report
File: yande.re 220133 sample.jpg-(86x125)
>>10879199>The only...
>The only "waifus" allowed to be mentioned are robots.
But muh waifu isn't a robot its a machine.
Anonymous 05/30/14(Fri)01:39 UTC+1 No.10879225 Report


Give me your high-tier Gundam choice
Calvin Coolage 05/30/14(Fri)01:40 UTC+1 No.10879231 Report

I wasn't trying to throw stones, but alright.
G Gundam and MSG
Plus, your waifu iz gud.
Anonymous 05/30/14(Fri)01:40 UTC+1 No.10879232 Report
File: vlcsnap-2014-04-26-11h14m33s84.jpg-(124x71)
>Tokusatsu posts must be limited to their general threads

Yeah, no. Tokusatsu is just as /m/ as Gundam, and will be discussed in any way.
Anonymous 05/30/14(Fri)01:42 UTC+1 No.10879240 Report

Anonymous 05/30/14(Fri)01:42 UTC+1 No.10879244 Report
File: fried rice triple handed style.jpg-(125x70)
Anonymous 05/30/14(Fri)01:43 UTC+1 No.10879245 Report

- You actually have to had watched something before discussing/complaining about it
Anonymous 05/30/14(Fri)01:46 UTC+1 No.10879252 Report

The toku thing is dumb, sure, but robophilia stopped being funny about four years ago.
Anonymous 05/30/14(Fri)01:48 UTC+1 No.10879260 Report

All tokusatsu threads are already 90% generals. There isn't much stuff posted outside them. And even then you can filter out the generals or the new episode release threads you giant whiny baby.
Anonymous 05/30/14(Fri)01:49 UTC+1 No.10879265 Report
File: BOSS.jpg-(125x74)
I don't like general...
I don't like general threads. I think they're stupid. They subsist on nothing but the tedious minutiae that exists when people discuss something for no other reason but to discuss it. Relevant news or posts get swallowed up in the gaping quagmire of mediocrity. I much prefer threads that have specific subjects.
Anonymous 05/30/14(Fri)01:50 UTC+1 No.10879266 Report
File: kirayamato.jpg-(125x70)
Anonymous 05/30/14(Fri)01:51 UTC+1 No.10879271 Report
File: athrunzala.jpg-(125x70)
Anonymous 05/30/14(Fri)01:54 UTC+1 No.10879283 Report

Pretty much this. I don't even watch toku but I can look and tell that the general threads are kind of a circlejerk. Generals end up developing these tripfags that only post in that general thread, often with personal discussions, and add nothing to the board at large. It gets to the point where they're probably the worst place to actually dicuss the thread topic.
Mattman324 05/30/14(Fri)01:54 UTC+1 No.10879288 Report
File: a.jpg-(125x93)
Anonymous 05/30/14(Fri)01:56 UTC+1 No.10879298 Report

Can we ban Digimon threads? Like, three people post here when /a/ does them better.
Anonymous 05/30/14(Fri)02:00 UTC+1 No.10879321 Report
File: Yoshika and some other Jap.jpg-(125x101)
>Meta-ThreadAre Strike...

Are Strike Witches still banned from /m/?
Anonymous 05/30/14(Fri)02:03 UTC+1 No.10879333 Report

Strike Witches is mad gay so yeah.
Anonymous 05/30/14(Fri)02:03 UTC+1 No.10879336 Report

Always have and always will be by the Getter Spam.
Anonymous 05/30/14(Fri)02:03 UTC+1 No.10879337 Report

no, there was a skygirls thread recently too.
Anonymous 05/30/14(Fri)02:05 UTC+1 No.10879342 Report


Why would they be?
They're still more /m/ than Garo or toku "actors" discussion.
Anonymous 05/30/14(Fri)02:08 UTC+1 No.10879361 Report

That would kill /m/ entirely.

There would be no discussion left.
Anonymous 05/30/14(Fri)02:09 UTC+1 No.10879369 Report

The difference is that Sky Girls is good.
Anonymous 05/30/14(Fri)02:11 UTC+1 No.10879374 Report

I've already seen Strike Witches, and I'm debating to watch Sky Girls or not. What can I expect, difference-wise from Strike Witches?
Anonymous 05/30/14(Fri)02:14 UTC+1 No.10879392 Report

Somewhat less fanservice, better characterization, a pretty good plot, cool power armor designs, and BRO AS FUCK MECHANIC.
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