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Anonymous 07/19/14(Sat)22:55 UTC+1 No.11101760 Report

Why did this show have 36 episodes?
Everything after the big battle was pretty boring.
Anonymous 07/19/14(Sat)23:00 UTC+1 No.11101781 Report

Yeah that's terrible when a show has more to do than a big battle
Anonymous 07/20/14(Sun)00:22 UTC+1 No.11102146 Report

The big battle was supposed to be the end, but they suddenly got an extension because of its popularity.
Anonymous 07/20/14(Sun)00:49 UTC+1 No.11102301 Report

The after war arc is one of my favorite bits of the whole franchise. The weakest part was having Hayasei and Ichijo still not together after years, I think the relationship part of the after war arc would have been more successful if the two were an established couple when Minmei came back to give Ichijo the feels. Other than that I really liked watching the aftermath, people living on the fucked up earth, zentraedi struggling to adjust to an utterly alien way of living. It was interesting.
Anonymous 07/20/14(Sun)02:09 UTC+1 No.11102601 Report


I always remember that part where Hikaru is patrolling around and finds the corpse of a Zentran holding a Minmay doll, thats got to be one of the saddest things I've witnessed in anime.
The whole postwar arc somehow it felt a lot more real than what I expected, definitively one of my favorite parts of the show.
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