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File: mechassault-phantom-war-20060921010206685-1678131_640w.jpg-(78 KB, 640x960)
>there will never be a...
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)06:32 UTC+1 No.11108191 Report

>there will never be a decent handheld mech piloting/combat game

MechAssault: Phantom War was a step in the right direction, but was still pretty shit.
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)09:15 UTC+1 No.11108577 Report

But you're wrong. Chou Soujuu Mecha MG is one of the greatest mecha games ever.
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)13:08 UTC+1 No.11108981 Report

I'm guessing you mean western based, because Artdink has a whole lot of PSP mech games.
WE 07/22/14(Tue)02:08 UTC+1 No.11111903 Report
File: GnomeArmor.jpg-(97x125)
>>MechAssault: Phantom War

Remember that game alright. In any mission that you could use the Personal Battle Armor I always pushed into the limit of how far you could go with it. I do remember some tricky spots (Mechs with magma cannons) but I can't recall if there was a spot that could not be beaten with it.

Also, this one game really needed the thumb stick for the controls to truly shine. Otherwise you were stuck with clunky fingers/stylus and that greatly reduced your response speed.
Anonymous 07/22/14(Tue)02:11 UTC+1 No.11111917 Report

Have you played steel battalion?
Anonymous 07/22/14(Tue)02:21 UTC+1 No.11111968 Report

There's a handheld Steel Battalion? Sign me up.
Anonymous 07/22/14(Tue)03:36 UTC+1 No.11112346 Report
File: how did this game end up on the exact opposite of the complexity spectrum, it's like david cage presents xcom or something.jpg-(88x125)
>>11111968Even better!...
Even better! There's one you can play with no controller at all!
Anonymous 07/22/14(Tue)09:03 UTC+1 No.11113507 Report

>David Cage presents XCOM
I'd play it
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