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Are there any decent pony...
Anonymous 06/13/14(Fri)19:32 UTC+1 No.18240727 Report

Are there any decent pony videos from 2013 or later?

It feels like at a certain point every fucking brony decided to exclusively act out scenes and fanfictions in that horrendous 3D style in Source Filmmaker.

Is there anything good out there or am I doomed to rewatching 2011 videos again and again?
Anonymous 06/13/14(Fri)19:33 UTC+1 No.18240735 Report

I dunno, I found this and it was pretty funny https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9tGsl2TCSQ
Anonymous 06/13/14(Fri)19:34 UTC+1 No.18240744 Report

>doomed to rewatching 2011 videos again and again
Anonymous 06/13/14(Fri)19:40 UTC+1 No.18240820 Report

Friendship is Manly is the most recent video I've enjoyed.
Anonymous 06/13/14(Fri)19:50 UTC+1 No.18240912 Report

Jan animations makes some pretty awesome stuff
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