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/mlp/ - Pony - The edge never ends.

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File: Rainbow Dash this guy.jpg-(35 KB, 443x376)
The edge never ends.
The edge never ends. Anonymous 06/13/14(Fri)20:16 UTC+1 No.18241211 Report

Anonymous 06/13/14(Fri)20:19 UTC+1 No.18241249 Report

Since when did these fags get a YouTube channel?
Anonymous 06/13/14(Fri)20:20 UTC+1 No.18241262 Report

Probably just recently to showcase their edginess.
Anonymous 06/13/14(Fri)20:20 UTC+1 No.18241265 Report

He should have at least cum on it first.
Anonymous 06/13/14(Fri)20:29 UTC+1 No.18241362 Report
File: meI-wARzM3fLXyn_QCHSCMg.jpg-(92x125)
>implying he didn't
Who could resist?
Anonymous 06/13/14(Fri)23:37 UTC+1 No.18243855 Report

Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)01:53 UTC+1 No.18245527 Report
File: anti bronies facts.jpg-(82x125)
>those autists trying to...
>those autists trying to edge us over a blown plushie
Can't we use that to dox em?
Or get that account banned?
I want to see THEM butthurt.
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)01:55 UTC+1 No.18245556 Report
File: war.jpg-(125x94)
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)02:00 UTC+1 No.18245614 Report
File: 674523074.jpg-(125x96)
>>18245527Believe me,...
Believe me, I've tried.
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)02:06 UTC+1 No.18245691 Report

SOmeone should save that video and rename it "anti brony tries to be edgy".
If anybody else but that account was posting it it'd have more comments ridiculing the guy himself.
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)02:07 UTC+1 No.18245709 Report

This should almost be sent to (left leaning) news websites so that they can posts an article about "when anti bronies takes it too seriously", lel.
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)02:10 UTC+1 No.18245745 Report
File: rarity_merchant.jpg-(125x122)
Don't bother. They're fishing for negative attention.
No one can be that autistic on accident.

Good goyim. Buy the toys then destroy them. You sure showed me your shekels
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)02:13 UTC+1 No.18245792 Report

True, but I'm kinda curious for >>18245691, the guy copypasted some shit about copyright on the video, so if someone posts it too I wonder what name they'll use for copyright infrigment.
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)03:20 UTC+1 No.18246804 Report

People who put this much effort into brony HATE are just as bad as the autistics.
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)03:30 UTC+1 No.18246981 Report

>the plushie head displayed on the stake outside of his house
How autistic can someone be?
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)03:31 UTC+1 No.18247009 Report

Fucking this
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)03:41 UTC+1 No.18247148 Report
File: for real.jpg-(79x125)
>he put the Vinyl plushy...
>he put the Vinyl plushy head on a pike
>shoots the Fluttershy with a shotgun and pistol
>shoots Fluttershy with pistol some more after the board falls down

I've always loved these people thinking they're better by going to these lengths to show they're better
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)03:43 UTC+1 No.18247171 Report

I bet he got the idea from those right wing congressmen shooting Obamacare packets.
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)06:34 UTC+1 No.18249477 Report

Someone with a Youtube account should do this.
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)07:28 UTC+1 No.18250149 Report

Bump for this
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)07:45 UTC+1 No.18250319 Report
File: you're kidding right.jpg-(125x117)
>mfw they can't even...
>mfw they can't even afford a tripod
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)07:52 UTC+1 No.18250391 Report

Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)07:52 UTC+1 No.18250395 Report
File: 1401081113321.jpg-(122x124)
Hey horsefuckers, gun owner...
Hey horsefuckers, gun owner here, these edgy faggots are making a bad name for us, so please, just forget their autism and move on.
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)09:51 UTC+1 No.18251390 Report

/k/ plz
Stay plz
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)10:00 UTC+1 No.18251414 Report
File: 1350675967511.jpg-(125x125)
>>18241211It was very...
It was very kind of this individual to support the show by buying a Hasbro plushie.
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)10:00 UTC+1 No.18251416 Report
File: edgy.jpg-(125x125)
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)10:06 UTC+1 No.18251451 Report

So they happily bought pony plushies just so they could shoot them to try to seem hardcore. I dont know who sadder. The people who did it, or the people who think this is some sort of heroic stand.
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)10:42 UTC+1 No.18251654 Report

If they posts this on facebook, can't we report it?

After all, their facebook is managed by underaged kids, and this promote violence and firearm use...
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)13:21 UTC+1 No.18252466 Report

I hope someone is saving this.
You know, just in case they actually realize that they're being moronic and try to delete to damage control.
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)13:31 UTC+1 No.18252513 Report
File: 654363463636546546546543655555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555.jpg-(125x92)
>>18251414Reminds me of...
Reminds me of a friend who went with a group of his friends to a CoD launch just to buy and break the disks.
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)14:06 UTC+1 No.18252706 Report
File: 1402110474334.jpg-(125x125)
>going so far to offend...
>going so far to offend some autists who watch a shitty cartoon

What a productive use of your time.

The worst part is this guy looks like 40.
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)14:27 UTC+1 No.18252843 Report

And he shares a group with 3 underage kids at least.
I wonder who's the real pedo.
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)16:47 UTC+1 No.18253682 Report

Questions - what type of explosives did he use there, and where can I get them?
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)17:37 UTC+1 No.18254159 Report
File: rainbow dash laugh.jpg-(125x113)
Even worse his name is "Uncle Jeff". Yeah.
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)17:47 UTC+1 No.18254264 Report
File: 1387344088866.jpg-(125x70)
My fucking sides.
My fucking sides.
Anonymous 06/14/14(Sat)20:35 UTC+1 No.18255900 Report
File: anti brony pedantism.jpg-(125x111)
Jesus, look at this guy.Trying...
Jesus, look at this guy.
Trying his best to sound superior with big words and to turn it around.

No point in arguing, peeps, these guys are long gone.
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