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Anonymous 10/26/14(Sun)00:50 UTC+1 No.743830 Report

Bicycles should be licensed and registered.

I live in a suburb close to the city and there are many bicyclists and most behave terribly.
Ridding on the footpath, not signalling, not using lights or bells, running red lights, etc
And with no license plates there's no way to report it.

Benefits to cyclists of course is that with the fees they pay dedicated road works for bikes and bike paths can be more properly funded.

What does /n/ think?
Anonymous 11/13/14(Thu)12:25 UTC+1 No.751685 Report


The actual fix for the problem you describe is to teach kids in school all the correct rules of the road as they pertain to pedestrians, bicycles, cars, and interactions between each of them. The problem is that people don't go out of their way to read the laws and they're fed a LOT of bullshit about the law that is simply not true. Schools could fix this by educating people as they should. This is actually done in some countries and it works really well to make everyone on the road educated.
Anonymous 11/11/14(Tue)23:32 UTC+1 No.751071 Report

Department of Hanging Cagers
Anonymous 11/11/14(Tue)22:16 UTC+1 No.751046 Report

>Cyclists could be licensed
What government agency would be responsible for test and evaluation?
Anonymous 11/11/14(Tue)20:52 UTC+1 No.751037 Report

>And the wide majority of bike/car crashes are the cars fault anyway
Between 80 and 90%
Anonymous 11/11/14(Tue)21:17 UTC+1 No.751041 Report

I agree, if it gets extended to pedestrians and people posting lame bait on internet imageboards.
Anonymous 11/11/14(Tue)19:39 UTC+1 No.751023 Report

Everytime some guy brings up how shit cyclists are, this comes up. Taxes aren't paying to own something, shithead, it's chipping in to help something be less shit.
Every time someone mentions them paying taxes, either in the form of talking about their tax dollars or describing themself as a taxpayer, its like a signal that they're gonna be a cunt.

Its not like cyclists are insane and dangerous. 6 people were killed by cyclists last year. And the wide majority of bike/car crashes are the cars fault anyway
Anonymous 11/11/14(Tue)02:22 UTC+1 No.750758 Report

I think it might be HVAC/R guy from /diy/, I just saw a TON of angsty shitposting that followed the same format and tone like two days ago. It was even about bicyclists.
Anonymous 11/11/14(Tue)02:18 UTC+1 No.750757 Report


Anonymous 11/11/14(Tue)01:53 UTC+1 No.750742 Report

Go to euroland you nanny statist.
Anonymous 11/11/14(Tue)01:44 UTC+1 No.750741 Report

Cars should have a black-box which records telemetry, GPS and video including the driver's face at all times. When the driver performs any illegal action, the black-box computer should then stop the car, lock the doors and route the engine exhaust into the cabin. No more bad driving. :3
Anonymous 11/11/14(Tue)01:37 UTC+1 No.750736 Report

Murder-coffin babbies sure are cancer.
Anonymous 11/08/14(Sat)07:42 UTC+1 No.749429 Report


>At least nine people were injured when a vehicle plowed into a restaurant near NRG Stadium in southwest Houston, Texas Wednesday.

>After the crash, the driver tried reversing the vehicle to exit the restaurant, but somehow put the vehicle in drive once again and hit the buffet line a second time.

>We’re told the injuries were minor. The driver was not taken to hospital nor was she taken into custody.

Yes, cyclist should totally share the same responsibilities as drivers.

Pic related, rational minded drivers discussing the incident.
Anonymous 11/05/14(Wed)02:02 UTC+1 No.748115 Report

>If you do something wrong on a bike with a license and theres no cop around you get away with it just like with a car.
Ladies and gentlemen, the thinking of the average bike user
Anonymous 11/05/14(Wed)00:56 UTC+1 No.748087 Report

And full body fire retardant suits. And get out and push every 5 km.
Anonymous 11/05/14(Wed)01:21 UTC+1 No.748097 Report

BaconRider 11/05/14(Wed)01:49 UTC+1 No.748113 Report

>face tattoo
its for the children/

,,,why should anyone be forced to gamble that they will crash=insurance?,, in the Govermunt/Geyco secret casino, just give us the money and we'll call the payouts. OR ELSE!!!

,Insurance of everything ,, all the time. enforced by COPS? yes Cops. even life itself.
,,,WHAT HAS HAPPENED USA?? why you so soft, flabby sagging freedom.
Anonymous 11/05/14(Wed)00:07 UTC+1 No.748067 Report

Let's take it one step further...
How about having cycles that use public roads carry some collision insurance as well?
Anonymous 11/05/14(Wed)00:39 UTC+1 No.748078 Report

How about we make cagers wear helmets?
Anonymous 10/26/14(Sun)21:54 UTC+1 No.744244 Report

didn't you make this exact same thread on reddit and bikeforums?
Anonymous 11/02/14(Sun)14:00 UTC+1 No.746946 Report

Definitely. In my country pedestrians are frequently hurt by cyclists who don't obey the road rules. It's insane.
Anonymous 10/26/14(Sun)21:52 UTC+1 No.744241 Report


I don't think you understand. Let me explain the situation to you, I'm not sure where you live and things may be different. We've got unlicensed walkers moving about in public like they own the place. Nobody checks to see if they know how to use their shoes properly or that they are even up to standard. They gridlock sidewalks, make unsignaled turns, and some of them don't move with the flow of traffic. They often do this distracted by cell phones, or with their hearing impaired by headphones or ear muffs. I was stopped at a stoplight in my unarmored Humvee when one of them darted out of her designated area and in between cars narrowly missing me. I really should have gotten the armored version.... I could be dead right now. Imagine if she had t-boned me. This scofflaw would have kept going if she had hit me. even if she had just brushed my Humvee and scratched the paint or something .. you think she would stop to give me her information? After the behavior I just described? If she had a face tattoo at least my on-board surveillance cameras would have footage of the crime, and if I had died the authorities would see the footage when they recovered the black box from my vehicles remnants. There needs to be the same sorts of accountability for pedestrians that there is for motorists. They should come to complete stops at intersections, they should be licensed, they should travel at the posted speed limits, they should stay in their lanes and not be distracted or drunk, or they should have their walking privileges revoked. It's all quite simple really. Oh yeah, and face tattoos.
Anonymous 10/26/14(Sun)15:48 UTC+1 No.744110 Report

aren't you dense?
Anonymous 10/26/14(Sun)14:53 UTC+1 No.744095 Report

so you just arrest people for not paying for more government bureaucratic bullshit and not doing anything wrong? If you do something wrong on a bike with a license and theres no cop around you get away with it just like with a car. If you do something wrong and a cop sees that, he stops you over if you without having a registered/licensed bike.
Anonymous 10/26/14(Sun)11:26 UTC+1 No.744067 Report

Unless they caused a crash the police won't even bother looking up the plates
Anonymous 10/26/14(Sun)11:27 UTC+1 No.744068 Report

>I can be irresponsible and dangerous so long as I don't kill someone
Anonymous 10/26/14(Sun)11:19 UTC+1 No.744065 Report

not dead
Anonymous 10/26/14(Sun)11:14 UTC+1 No.744062 Report

>impossible to enforce
You arrest any cyclists without a registration plate jus like a car or motorcycle
There would a grace period of 12-18 months from the law coming into effect to allow people time to get plates
Anonymous 10/26/14(Sun)11:13 UTC+1 No.744061 Report

>You'll get about as far as if you report a car with a number plate.
With the license plate they just look it up in the DMV you retard
That's light years ahead of your suggestion of a vague description
We're you born in a lead factory or something?
Anonymous 10/26/14(Sun)04:09 UTC+1 No.743951 Report

Fuck off statist.
Anonymous 10/26/14(Sun)11:12 UTC+1 No.744060 Report

People carry photo ID to prove their identity to the relevant authorities
Anonymous 10/26/14(Sun)04:08 UTC+1 No.743950 Report

I'm against licensing/fees in principle for the reasons described in >>743841 >>743842,
but let's not forget that such a program would also be wildly impractical and near impossible to enforce, plus it would also tend to discourage potential riders from taking up cycling in the first place.

A better way to gain funding for bike-related projects is to collect a small fee (excise tax) on the sales of new bikes, with all the funds marked exclusively for bike projects. A bike license fee would put the responsibility for (voluntary) compliance on the many individual riders, much less effective than having business owners who are already paying taxes to local government collect and submit the funds. The amount collected doesn't have to be much, where I live we have a $4 tax on new bikes (hardly enough to dissuade anyone from buying a new bike) and that raises more than $100k/year.
Anonymous 10/26/14(Sun)03:13 UTC+1 No.743916 Report

>And with no license plates there's no way to report it.
You go to a police station and report the rider description, with photograph if you took one, and bicycle description. You'll get about as far as if you report a car with a number plate.
Anonymous 10/26/14(Sun)01:44 UTC+1 No.743870 Report

Why do you think we put them in cages?
Anonymous 10/26/14(Sun)03:11 UTC+1 No.743912 Report

I sort of agree.
Bicycles should be registered for theft recovery.
Cyclists could be licensed, but the program should be voluntary. All bike related tickets get 20% bump up in fees, but if you take the class and pass the test required to get licensed, any ticket and fee your receive on a bike is discounted 50%.
Anonymous 10/26/14(Sun)01:36 UTC+1 No.743865 Report

GB2 /b/ or /o/ or just GTFO
Anonymous 10/26/14(Sun)01:42 UTC+1 No.743869 Report

> funded solely by upstanding citizens
Anonymous 10/26/14(Sun)01:31 UTC+1 No.743858 Report

I fully agree with OP. However:

Pedestrians also, should be registered and and have identification clearly visible(I suggest face tattoos). Too many times have I seen someone behave badly but I've been unable to report it to authorities because the person lacks a numerical code permanently inscribed on their face. It happened in the shopping mall just the other day. It was horrible.

Aside from all of that, it has been far too long that people using their feet to transport themselves have been getting a free ride off of petrol taxes. These parasitic beings need to be registered and taxed for all the damages they cause to general infrastructure funded solely by upstanding citizens piloting large internal combustion engine vehicles. These menaces partaking in jogging, skipping, or worst of all , running should be taxed at the highest rate.
Anonymous 10/26/14(Sun)01:23 UTC+1 No.743853 Report

>Funds for bike lanes and dedicated bike paths and bike share programs and bike lockers
Which should come from general taxes.

I don't see why I should be subsidizing extreme wear and tear of cars on the streets, car-exclusive freeways, a healthcare system that has to deal with pollution related illness, and free public car storage which takes up the space of a bedroom for each car.

Explain to me how it is just that the government takes MY tax money to subsidize YOUR car, you welfare queen.
Anonymous 10/26/14(Sun)01:21 UTC+1 No.743851 Report

>many many times more deadly and expensive than a bicycle

yeah let's just let cagers run wild if they feel like it
Anonymous 10/26/14(Sun)01:17 UTC+1 No.743848 Report

Funds for bike lanes and dedicated bike paths and bike share programs and bike lockers
Anonymous 10/26/14(Sun)01:16 UTC+1 No.743845 Report

>It is extremely difficult for a bicycle to cause anywhere near the amount of property damage as a car, and it is extremely difficult for a bicycle to kill a pedestrian
If only I had known this as I laid sprawled on the road covered in road burn, bleeding, and concussed
Anonymous 10/26/14(Sun)01:10 UTC+1 No.743843 Report

>gubment takes muh taxes to build freeways
>gubment says no bike allowed on freeways
fuk u gubment
fuk u cager welfare queens
fuk off
Anonymous 10/26/14(Sun)01:07 UTC+1 No.743842 Report

No. Licensing for bicycle use doesn't make sense, because unlike with cars, planes, and boats, the unsafe operation of a bicycle is unlike to be hazardous to anyone other than the rider.

And asking bicyclists to pay more is an insult, bicyclists already overpay for infrastructure since roads are never fully funded by gasoline taxes and vehicle fees and must be subsidized by property/sales/income tax. Meanwhile, bicycling produces essentially no wear to the road surface (road wear rates increase exponentially with vehicle weight) and when bike-specific infrastructure is added it tends to be extremely inexpensive (paint on an existing road surface, maybe some bollards or reflectors).
Anonymous 10/26/14(Sun)01:06 UTC+1 No.743841 Report

But I already subsidize roads with my taxes.

The gas taxes (and registration fee, which is a fee for registration, not a tax) barely covers a significant part of road construction. And most of the gas tax goes towards subsidizing cars with road construction, but it doesn't even begin to cover the wear and tear cars put on the streets. Most of building and repair streets comes from other general taxes.

They do not offset the negative health impacts of pollution or obesity. The costs of treating people and burden on the health care system far exceeds the few cents you pay in gas tax. Nor does it cover "free" (subsidized) street parking and other benefits car drivers get.

Really, with all the crap car drivers get for your piddly gas tax, you should consider yourself lucky. Car drivers are truely welfare queens.

The amount of infrastructure and subsidization I get in return for my taxes is hardly anything. In fact, I'm subsidizing car infrastructure because the government takes my taxes to pay for "your" streets and highways.

It is extremely difficult for a bicycle to cause anywhere near the amount of property damage as a car, and it is extremely difficult for a bicycle to kill a pedestrian.

That's like saying pedestrians should be registered and plated, because a pedestrian might trip, fall over, fall on an antique Ming Vase and knock over a senior causing them to break their hip and die of complications from surgery.
Anonymous 10/26/14(Sun)00:56 UTC+1 No.743833 Report

Then licensing and registering a car and motorcycle should be optional

When you're out for a run at night and you're going through an intersection where all the cars have stopped at the red light and suddenly a bicycle crashes into you because the rider believes he is above law and traffic rules do not apply to him, maybe then you'll understand
Anonymous 10/26/14(Sun)00:53 UTC+1 No.743831 Report

>Bicycles should be licensed and registered.
Should be optional.

Stealing one should be a felony.
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