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Anonymous 03/24/14(Mon)20:46 UTC+1 No.640982 Report

Does anyone here have any experience with nose-less saddles?

I've been getting more and more into bicycles over the past few years and, as such, have dramatically increased my mileage. However, recently I've noticed a kind of soreness in my perineum that I fear may be a precursor to problems with my dingdong. I don't exactly have a top of the line saddle now, but I was wondering if just going ahead and getting a nose-less one would be worth it.
Awesome Funposter 03/24/14(Mon)20:49 UTC+1 No.640983 Report

Have you considered a saddle with a relief slot or hole? Or even more extreme a saddle like an Adamo or a Selle SMP? Are you also sure that you current saddle is fit properly?
Anonymous 03/24/14(Mon)23:56 UTC+1 No.641052 Report

You know how there isn't a single pro rider or experienced tourer that uses nose-less saddles?

There's a reason for that
novembre 03/25/14(Tue)00:06 UTC+1 No.641061 Report

That's gimmick, stay away from it. Find yourself good old fashioned hard saddle
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)00:38 UTC+1 No.641078 Report

Check out the options Awesome suggested. (Or any other saddle with a groove down the middle.)

Noseless saddles are for old men who don't go above 8 mph and ride in a perfectly upright position. You use the nose for stability and cornering more than you think. I always felt like I was sliding forward when I was messing around with one that was donated to the co-op. Everyone there that tried it hated it.
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)01:05 UTC+1 No.641087 Report

hey op i had the same. my dads old race bike has literally no cushion on it. it hurt so bad the first week i couldnt sit after riding for a few hours. now i ride 4 hours and it doesnt even hurt anymore.

youll get used to it
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)01:52 UTC+1 No.641099 Report

I use an adamo typhoon. It is pretty nice, not amazing and so crazy good I bought another one.

It's ok, I have only used it on the trainer, so I can't comment on how it feels navigating turns and sech, but I have near or maybe just over 100 hours of time on it, and it is not bad.

Try as many saddles as you need to find the right one. A noseless one might be good for you, but might not be. You won't know until you try.

I want to try a brooks cambium next!
Or maybe a serfas spoon.
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)03:26 UTC+1 No.641133 Report

>that I fear may be a precursor to problems with my dingdong
FFS who even talks like that?

Get a saddle that's the right width and get your bike properly adjusted/fitted to you and you won't have these problems anymore.
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)03:51 UTC+1 No.641147 Report

post a pic of current saddle. you might have the adjustment way off.
Anonymous 03/27/14(Thu)06:58 UTC+1 No.642326 Report

no no no

you're thinking of ass pain
perineum pain can be serious and should NEVER be ignored.

OP change the angle of your saddle first, barring that, you may need a wider saddle. opt for a minimum to medium amount of padding. thick padding will only bunch up around your soft tissue and may it worse. kinda like how a hard floor can be more comfortable than a sunken mattress.
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