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Masaki Andoh 08/31/14(Sun)23:25 UTC+1 No.717538 Report

Finally, some place where I can get some real directions. Man, /n/. You guys wouldn't believe where I've been trying to get to /m/. Speaking of which, can you point me in their direction?
Asakim Dowin 08/31/14(Sun)23:28 UTC+1 No.717539 Report

It seems we're looking to go to the same place.
Have you seen this man? His name is Crowe Broust. He has something of mine.
Masaki Andoh 08/31/14(Sun)23:30 UTC+1 No.717540 Report

Huh? Who are you?
Anonymous 08/31/14(Sun)23:31 UTC+1 No.717541 Report

Here you go
Asakim Dowin 08/31/14(Sun)23:33 UTC+1 No.717542 Report

Asakim Dowin. Say, you look familiar..then again I don't think I'd forget someone with hair so...

Anonymous 08/31/14(Sun)23:34 UTC+1 No.717543 Report

You two seem familiar..
Do I know either of you?
Masaki Andoh 08/31/14(Sun)23:35 UTC+1 No.717544 Report

Wait a sec... You look like me!
What's going on!?
Asakim Dowin 08/31/14(Sun)23:38 UTC+1 No.717546 Report

We do look alike, don't we..perhaps you'll find the answer to your inquiry if you ever reach >>/m/
Masaki Andoh 08/31/14(Sun)23:39 UTC+1 No.717547 Report

You know how to get to /m/?!
Show me!
Asakim Dowin 08/31/14(Sun)23:44 UTC+1 No.717548 Report

Here--though I doubt you can catch up to me...even if you had Cybuster's speed.
Anonymous 08/31/14(Sun)23:48 UTC+1 No.717550 Report

>Cybuster is slow now
Not happening
Anonymous 08/31/14(Sun)23:52 UTC+1 No.717551 Report

[spoiler] Cybuster is ded now [/spoiler]
Anonymous 08/31/14(Sun)23:53 UTC+1 No.717552 Report

So much for dem spoilers
Anonymous 08/31/14(Sun)23:56 UTC+1 No.717553 Report

What is Masaki supposed to pilot now
Masaki Andoh 09/01/14(Mon)00:07 UTC+1 No.717554 Report

That's it. I'm going to >>>/d/
wish me luck, /n/ !
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