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Foamer Stories
Foamer Stories Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)03:57 UTC+1 No.715444 Report

In light of this classic being sent to me today, I'm going to share you the stories of a kid I'll call E.
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)04:06 UTC+1 No.715453 Report

I volunteer at a scenic railway, and little did I know that I'd meet the embodiment of autism, in its purest form.
>One day, standing around talking in the engine house with others
>As usual, trying to figure out what everyone will be doing, what's for lunch, etc.
>A wild autist appears, and starts to approach the boss dressed in conductor's attire.(There's a dress code for taking tickets on the train, needless to say, I hate people, so I stay in the shop.
>"Hey [redacted], what whistle are we going to put on this?
>Friends and I facepalm and walk away as E starts to play Glenn miller on his phone for everyone to hear.
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)04:09 UTC+1 No.715456 Report

You'd think they would want to shut up and listen to the train noises.
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)04:12 UTC+1 No.715458 Report

>Volunteer for a scenic railroad
>Not working for a real one
Maximum pleb.
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)04:21 UTC+1 No.715460 Report
File: autism.jpg-(125x90)
>>715453>The next...
>The next week, my friend, the boss and I go out to lunch.
>"Hey, did you guys write something up in [whatever train news site, I forget what it's name is] as "train crew."
>Friend and I reply no
>Boss is further confused, nobody that he talked to since that workday posted it.
>Proceeds to read it aloud to us.
>pic related

>Fast forward a bit more to another lunch
>Apparently E isn't allowed to be there without supervision
>Shit used to go missing when he was left unsupervised
>No new posts from "train crew"

>Another leap forward
>Normal, quiet(relatively speaking), work day.
>Mount the gauge cluster on the locomotive, another guy, M, comes up to work on another thing in the cab, so my friend and I stand aside.
>Boss comes up to talk with M about what needs to be done
>"Well, E, why don't you talk to M, he's working on that right now."
>M gives the biggest look of annoyance and hatred I've seen on him, and he's not one to easily get in a bad mood.
>friend and I chuckle quietly, and make our escape down the back of the tender
>later on hear him bugging our mechanic, the boss, and a few other guys by coming up to them and playing various whistle samples.
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)04:24 UTC+1 No.715461 Report

Anyone have the video where a guy comes out of the cab and puts his arms out as the train passes?
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)04:34 UTC+1 No.715464 Report

Now for the grand finale.

>Train cars are being switched around in the yard to get the unusable locomotive and passenger car out of the way, and to put 2 more cars onto the evening train.
>E is riding along with our mechanic, who's running the switcher, and one other guy.
As an aside, we have 3 tracks running into the engine house, and the middle one has a blue flag on it, meaning nothing may proceed onto it.
>Switcher gets back to where the tracks start to diverge
>Mechanic tells the other guy to line the switches to get the switcher out of everything's way
>E also gets off
>Other guy has the switches lined to go into 3, gives mechanic the go-ahead
>He won't go
>E has the switch lined to 2, where myself and other people are working on the steam engine.
>E insists that our mechanic go ahead, that everything is clear
>Mechanic isn't having it
>Sets the brakes on the switcher, and comes out of the cab ripping into E for trying to send a train down a track where people are working
>E finally is left speechless
>E quietly leaves, and nobody notices until we take a break
>Everyone complains of how much of a moron he is.
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)04:37 UTC+1 No.715465 Report

>working on a real one
>implying real men use tools that actually work well
But seriously, when two identical jacks don't go up at the same rate, and nobody notices, fun things can happen.
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)04:39 UTC+1 No.715467 Report

ITT: Foamers complaining about other foamers
Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)23:25 UTC+1 No.718294 Report

>>Be me
>>Be at a cretin New England Railroad Museum
>>Another guy who is full of shit example of his wisdom "When my sister got in the FBI she erased my criminal recored"
>>Despite being full of shit he is IN with the crew.
>>Me oiling cables on crane Mr. BS doing student break man
>>Mr. BS climbs out of locomotive walks to crane and goes in cab.
>>Blows horn right in my ear
>>oops didn't know there was still air.
Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)23:32 UTC+1 No.718300 Report

PS OP that is a staged video here is the real one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhYXNwvcl6A
Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)23:42 UTC+1 No.718303 Report

>Break man
It's called a brakeman, brah.
Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)23:50 UTC+1 No.718308 Report

holy shit I had that Rio Grande engine in HO scale.

Fucking railings kept falling off
Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)03:49 UTC+1 No.718414 Report

Learn to lock out switches.
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