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Foot retention thread Anonymous 03/18/14(Tue)15:12 UTC+1 No.638017 Report

>before getting into cycling
>"why do they sell bikes without pedals?"

>after getting into cycling
>"why do they sell bikes with pedals?"

Foot retention, do you use it and what are your pedals of choice?

Pic related, my choice. Standard cheap SPDs, I value being able to walk with my cycling shoes on.
Anonymous 03/18/14(Tue)15:20 UTC+1 No.638020 Report

I got look pedals and carbon shoes on my new road bike.

I like the performance and how they ride a lot, but not being able to walk more than a few steps sucks. If I picked again I would get something that at least allowes me to go and take a leak in the bushes normally.
Anonymous 03/18/14(Tue)15:49 UTC+1 No.638025 Report

A combination of the ones in OP and these. Looks a bit strange with my otherwise, full fred outfit, but damn it's good to be able to walk properly.
Anonymous 03/18/14(Tue)16:06 UTC+1 No.638028 Report

>"why do they sell bikes without pedals?"
Still baffles me, and everyone says that people have different tastes, but isn't this the case also with saddles, handlebars and other contact points? It's just sellers being cheap.
Anonymous 03/18/14(Tue)16:14 UTC+1 No.638029 Report

That's why I love sellers which let you choose what components to put on a frame. Sad that not everyone lets you do that, though.
Anonymous 03/18/14(Tue)16:52 UTC+1 No.638035 Report

Shimano 320 SPD. Works great, is cheap (28€ here) and is quite decent even in muddy conditions.

I always soften the springs on the right pedal, works wonders.
Anonymous 03/18/14(Tue)16:53 UTC+1 No.638036 Report


Sidi Dominator 5's

>dat Italian craftsmanship

and if one day you decide to throw down the $260 they cost then you too can know dat feel.

As for pedals, I use the same style in the OP. I've ran the M520's, the 540's and more recently the XT's. I really like that pedal style so I wanted to stick with it. Went with the XT's cuz of muh grams. XTR's were barely any lighter (like 30g I think) and twice the price.
Anonymous 03/18/14(Tue)19:21 UTC+1 No.638050 Report

this is what i use
Phork702 03/18/14(Tue)19:32 UTC+1 No.638053 Report

I got these last week for $30 >>635789 the pedals were free with my CDale.
Anonymous 03/18/14(Tue)19:33 UTC+1 No.638055 Report

Anonymous 03/18/14(Tue)19:41 UTC+1 No.638058 Report

I only like Shimano SPD pedals and Shimano shoes.

In fact, I pretty much only trust Shimano these days because everything else has seemed to let me down at one point or another. That Shimanoboo feel.
Anonymous 03/18/14(Tue)19:59 UTC+1 No.638059 Report

Are there any fluorescent yellow shoes like pic related, compatible with 2 hole shimano spd pedals under $200? All of them only seem compatible with racing cleats.
Anonymous 03/18/14(Tue)20:02 UTC+1 No.638060 Report

BMX - Odyssey JCPC with the pins removed on one side

Fixed commuter (with a brake, I'm no moron) - Shimano 105 with Shimano RD86 (I think? They're years old) shoes and floatless cleats

MTB - Standard shimano SPDs and cheap DHB shoes.

Whilst we're on the topic of foot retention, how anyone rides fixed without being clipped in is beyond me. I've tried so many variations of horizontal straps/diagonal straps/traditional clips & straps and various MTB-style SPD pedals but I just can't feel safe unless I'm riding SPD-SL
Anonymous 03/18/14(Tue)20:48 UTC+1 No.638066 Report

I use crankbros eggbeaters. I haven't used any other type of clipless pedals so I don't really have anything to compare them to other than flat pedals. To be honest I only got them because they're lighter than shimano M520's, and look interesting. In hindsight this was probably a mistake.
Anonymous 03/18/14(Tue)20:56 UTC+1 No.638070 Report

why not just use SPD-SL?
Anonymous 03/18/14(Tue)21:01 UTC+1 No.638071 Report


What do you think of these? I'm thinking of buying them until i save up till i can afford to buy cycling shoes and pedals
Anonymous 03/18/14(Tue)21:03 UTC+1 No.638073 Report

Its more convenient to use the same cleats across all my bikes and I already have SPD pedals on all 3 of my bikes.
Anonymous 03/18/14(Tue)21:06 UTC+1 No.638075 Report

Why do you care about the color so much? I use SPD on my road bike too so I can switch between walking shoes and race shoes. Have you considered a delta to spd adapter?
Anonymous 03/18/14(Tue)21:10 UTC+1 No.638077 Report

>Why do you care about the color so much?
Cuss it feels good to be a pimp dawg.

>Have you considered a delta to spd adapter?
The adapters aren't very good since they have durability issues and make it harder to clip in.

Anonymous 03/18/14(Tue)21:18 UTC+1 No.638081 Report

Xpedo makes some better adapters. They are metal, they don't have any knobs so you can walk on them, and the cleat is integrated.
Anonymous 03/18/14(Tue)22:59 UTC+1 No.638100 Report

Time mtb pedals.
Only kind of tried but they work great so I see no reason to change. Run them on all my mtn and road bike.
Anonymous 03/19/14(Wed)00:44 UTC+1 No.638120 Report

is that sole cabron or plastic?
Anonymous 03/19/14(Wed)00:47 UTC+1 No.638121 Report

looks like goat to me
Anonymous 03/19/14(Wed)01:00 UTC+1 No.638124 Report

Shimano 540's with Mavic Tempo's which are pretty shit... My shimano shoes I had before were so much better build. Also a lot cheaper.

With all the experience I have now, I would have never invested in clipless pedals/shoes. It feels like I've just waisted money.
Anonymous 03/19/14(Wed)01:06 UTC+1 No.638125 Report

I'm looking at rain-proof shoe covers, and I can't decide between black, white, and highlighter yellow.
Most of my stuff is black, but I want more white because it's euro, but highlighter yellow shoes are in right now. Can't decide.
Anonymous 03/19/14(Wed)01:11 UTC+1 No.638126 Report


aerospace grade titanium.
Anonymous 03/19/14(Wed)01:20 UTC+1 No.638127 Report

Hey, I just went into my local (small town) sports/cycling store. They don't have any bloody cycling shoes and I've never owned a pair before. What sort of measurements of my footsies do I need to take? Like, does foot width play a major role in deciding on a type of shoe?
great white 03/19/14(Wed)01:31 UTC+1 No.638129 Report

Different brands have different widths and toxboxes. Sidis are way too narrow for me, and I'm not the only one with that problem. Shimano and Specialized fit me pretty well. Giros are hit or miss. You definitely need to try them on at the store then go home and order them online.
Anonymous 03/19/14(Wed)01:35 UTC+1 No.638131 Report

That's what I was afraid of. Guess I'll be having a 140km ride on the weekend... or borrow someones car.
Anonymous 03/19/14(Wed)01:39 UTC+1 No.638133 Report

I switch between spd-sl and speedplay frogs on my bikes. I like the effortless unclip of speedplays and the versatility of mtb shoes.

All that float gets on my nerves sometimes and I go back to spd-sl but after a few hours of riding all the torque it takes to clip out gets annoying. I need to try more pedals.
Anonymous 03/19/14(Wed)02:22 UTC+1 No.638143 Report

I was rolling SPD/flat combo pedals, which I liked. But I don't much like most of the SPD shoes on the market at the moment so I threw a set of Saint flats on which are great pedals.
Anonymous 03/19/14(Wed)02:50 UTC+1 No.638150 Report

mks sylvan touring pedals (platforms)
with mks toe clips

whatever shoe I want
Anonymous 03/19/14(Wed)02:52 UTC+1 No.638151 Report

PD-5600 with a pair of ancient Duegi shoes.

I like them.
Anonymous 03/19/14(Wed)03:00 UTC+1 No.638156 Report

Anonymous 03/19/14(Wed)03:04 UTC+1 No.638158 Report

I've been using a pair of Shimano a530 and figured that it's time to go dual sided SPD since I don't really use the platform side anymore. Would the M520 be a sufficient replacement?
flatbar 03/19/14(Wed)03:29 UTC+1 No.638164 Report

You don't need dual sided pedals (where both sides are exactly the same) and frankly I've never understood why such pedals even exist. Single sided pedals are weighted so that the entry side is always where you want it which makes the other side redundant.
With dual sided pedals, one side will wear more than the other over time.

I've never yearned for a dual bladed knife when I want to slice vegetables. One side is enough.
Anonymous 03/19/14(Wed)04:43 UTC+1 No.638197 Report

ive grinded through about 3 sets of sleeves over a couple years
Anonymous 03/19/14(Wed)04:45 UTC+1 No.638199 Report

good for times when your feet may slip off the pedals, and you need them back on asap like mtbing, or for entry level bikes where people just slap their feet on the pedal
Anonymous 03/19/14(Wed)05:03 UTC+1 No.638203 Report

Anonymous 03/19/14(Wed)05:35 UTC+1 No.638214 Report

My current pedals of choice are SPDs and I have them on most my bikes (some double sided, others one-sided) since they work well, allow for recessed cleats, and are inexpensive. I also have a couple road bikes set up with old SPD-R type pedals. The SPD-R system was a commercial failure and has been much maligned because they are rather difficult to get into and out of, but I like them anyways because they're an uncompromisingly efficient way to attach your feet to the cranks (which is why most people who use them these days are track racers).
Anonymous 03/19/14(Wed)05:48 UTC+1 No.638219 Report

How much would be the difference in using mtb clipless pedals in road bikes compared to clipless road pedals? In performance etc like float, heat points, power transfer, stiffness?
I like the stiffness and the wide pedals of clipless road pedals but sadly you can't easily walk in them. The mtb clipless pedals are easy to walk on but is not stiff.
flatbar 03/19/14(Wed)06:33 UTC+1 No.638224 Report

>just slap their feet in the pedal.
That's the thing. When you slap your foot on a single sided pedal the entry side will always be there where you want it. It doesn't matter what's on the other side.

Weighted by design. There's no extra weight. In fact a single sided pedal will weigh less than a dual sided pedal.
Yes, I know you're baiting but I thought I should explain anyway for the benefit of any newfriends.
Anonymous 03/19/14(Wed)06:37 UTC+1 No.638225 Report

Stiffness is mostly in the shoe. If you're commuting and need walkable shoes then you don't need to worry about losing a few watts by using SPD, in my opinion.

You could always leave a pair of walkable shoes at the office and change.
Anonymous 03/19/14(Wed)06:40 UTC+1 No.638226 Report

>That's the thing. When you slap your foot on a single sided pedal the entry side will always be there where you want it.

Every single sided pedal I have use, I have had to tap the top with my toe, then try to clip in as the pedal try to fall down again.

Double sided pedals will flatten out when you step on them and don't try to spin out of position by themselves.

It is less of an issue with SPD-SL since you don't have any rubber sole to get in the way of the big plastic hook on the cleat. With small recessed SPD cleats, double sided is definitely easier.
flatbar 03/19/14(Wed)06:53 UTC+1 No.638229 Report

My experience is different. I've never had any issues clipping into my single sided A520 pedals.
When I slap my foot on I come from slightly behind so I never have to kick it with my toe. When my foot isn't on the pedal it would be on the ground behind the pedal anyway. So when I set off I simply raise my foot off the ground and slap it on the pedal from behind. Simple and never fails.

It feels the same as slapping my foot on a platform pedal but with an audible "click".
Anonymous 03/19/14(Wed)07:06 UTC+1 No.638235 Report

Atypical of other single sided designs, which are weighted like mini SPD-SL pedals. You should really specify what you mean by single sided clipless pedals.

The vast majority are delta cleat, such as SPD-SL, LOOK and Campagnolo, which are not weighted like A520s, prior to the introduction of Shimano's new single sided offerings, 3rd party ones from Ritchey, Wellgo and Shimano 9-speed era road pedals were made like mini-delta pedals.

It is wrong to generalize single sided pedals based just on the A520.
flatbar 03/19/14(Wed)07:20 UTC+1 No.638239 Report

Fair enough. I had no idea that every other single sided pedal was faulty in design and that my A520s were uniquely superior. I just assumed that they were all pretty much the same, given how Look and Shimano road pedals are pretty much the same.

But you're right, I shouldn't generalise . My story has been told and that guy asking for advice can take from it what he will.
Anonymous 03/19/14(Wed)07:33 UTC+1 No.638241 Report

Shimano basically added a 100g cage around the older single sided SPD design in order to give a longer platform which makes it easier to flatten out similar in size to SPD-SL. Double sided SPD pedals get around this by not mattering which side it flattens out to.
Anonymous 03/19/14(Wed)09:44 UTC+1 No.638279 Report

My favouritest SPD pedal, because they look reasonably aesthetic.
Anonymous 03/19/14(Wed)10:19 UTC+1 No.638283 Report

Also have a pair of Wellgo V8s that I use if I want to use my road bike with regular shoes.
Anonymous 03/19/14(Wed)10:25 UTC+1 No.638284 Report

Anyone have any suggestions for platform pedals (want to use regular shoes) for my commuter build? And are straps/toe clips of any use in a non-fixed gear bike?
Anonymous 03/19/14(Wed)10:29 UTC+1 No.638286 Report

Wellgo V8s - cheap as fuck. Straps and clips are a waste of time on a commuter.
Anonymous 03/19/14(Wed)10:32 UTC+1 No.638287 Report

> And are straps/toe clips of any use in a non-fixed gear bike?
Yes and no. Mostly no.

Foot retention lets you get more power, more confidence while sprinting, and lets you spin at higher cadences.

Clipless does this safer than traditional toeclips, it is easier to achieve full retention since there is no strap to tighten, your foot can come out in a crash, and it is much easier to unclip for a stop, but they require special shoes.

Clips on the other hand are a bit of a pain to get into, they drag on the ground and need to be tightened. A half-way compromise exists with half clips without straps, but they don't provide the full benefits of topclips. Really toe clips are also intended to be used with cycling shoes, but can be used with normal shoes.

So the question is, do you really need that high performance for maximum exertion on a commuter where you need normal shoes? The answer is probably not.

Clipless makes sense for recreational use, platform make sense for utilitarian use. Half-clips are a compromise, but hardly the best of both world and comes with drawbacks.

Traditional full clips meant to be used with cycling shoes and that need to be tightened with straps are completely obsolete except in track where straps are used in conjunction with clipless pedals.
Anonymous 03/19/14(Wed)10:38 UTC+1 No.638291 Report

>Anyone have any suggestions for platform pedals (want to use regular shoes) for my commuter build?

Basic BMX pedals. Avoid plastic ones or ones with shitty bearings.

> And are straps/toe clips of any use in a non-fixed gear bike?
It's not a priority, unless your commute is a half hour or longer.
I like power grips type straps which you enter and exit using a unclip sort of motion.
Anonymous 03/19/14(Wed)11:52 UTC+1 No.638301 Report

Odyssey Trail Mix pedals or Shadow Conspiracy Ravager metal pedals
Anonymous 03/19/14(Wed)13:42 UTC+1 No.638318 Report

I second this. I rode on odessey trail mix pedals ONE time and that's all it took to have me convinced they're god tier pedals.
Anonymous 03/19/14(Wed)16:16 UTC+1 No.638344 Report

GOAT BMX pedal ever. I don't understand how people run anything different.
Anonymous 03/19/14(Wed)16:31 UTC+1 No.638348 Report

Look KEO pedals and Louis Garneau shoes.

I don't love Garneau equipment, maybe it's just me.
Anonymous 03/19/14(Wed)22:44 UTC+1 No.638480 Report



both of these are the same yellow you're talking about. it doesn't look like its the same in the pictures, but my shop stocks the carbide and the physical one's ive seen are all that same yellow
Awesome Funposter 03/20/14(Thu)03:54 UTC+1 No.638539 Report

I had the seam of some LG bibs start unraveling within a week of purchase, and their CS is less than stellar. Some companies really go above and beyond for warranty and information requests. LG gave me inaccurate information on an accessory so I was stuck with something incompatible and forces you to return the item to the seller for warranty replacement.
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