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Anonymous 03/21/14(Fri)17:39 UTC+1 No.639251 Report


I have an actual transportation question here regarding strictly city riding on a single speed. Riding 14 miles each way to work through 90% city block to block.

Google maps estimates it at 1hr19min

I have never been into anything other than BMX even though i worked at a Trek certified bicycle dealer for 4 years.

Possible to get it down to 45-50 minutes?

Bike is a older Raleigh single speed

Pic related
Anonymous 03/21/14(Fri)17:41 UTC+1 No.639252 Report

Bike has a brand new freewheel and brand new tires
Anonymous 03/21/14(Fri)17:44 UTC+1 No.639253 Report

Also how fast can one expect to go on a bike like that, i know its dependent on gearing, but any estimates?
Anonymous 03/21/14(Fri)17:46 UTC+1 No.639254 Report

>16 miles
>45 minutes
>over 21 mph
>through city traffic
>on a fixie
Anonymous 03/21/14(Fri)17:53 UTC+1 No.639255 Report

Single speed, not a fixie

but yeah i get it
Anonymous 03/21/14(Fri)17:58 UTC+1 No.639256 Report

l2math and l2read

>>14 miles
>>45 min
>>18.66mph average

either way, good luck OP
Anonymous 03/21/14(Fri)18:24 UTC+1 No.639257 Report

possible if you were in good shape, clip on pedals will help too
Anonymous 03/21/14(Fri)18:25 UTC+1 No.639258 Report

Would probably take you the same time, or even faster, riding your bmx bike.

bmx shortcuts and being able to hop over/down tings will cut away so much time
Anonymous 03/21/14(Fri)18:31 UTC+1 No.639261 Report

You should get a brake for your back wheel too, if you aren't riding it fixed.
Anonymous 03/21/14(Fri)18:33 UTC+1 No.639263 Report

Ill work on it
Anonymous 03/21/14(Fri)19:52 UTC+1 No.639296 Report

Not on long distances.
There's almost certainly one long road along 80% of the distance, with a few corners in between.
You can't really find a shorter route than that.
Anonymous 03/21/14(Fri)20:20 UTC+1 No.639305 Report

Not being from Milwaukee area and not knowing how the roads are there, I can't suggest a better route (though there are more straight-line options, like North ave to Brookfield, then straight south on Pilgrim Pkwy). However I can see from the pic that your bike is more than geared for 18.6 mph.

Straightaways and well-timed lights are your friends. Stop signs and side roads are your enemies -- they will kill your commute time.

Curious, why do you want to reduce it? At least you're not in a bloody cage.
Anonymous 03/21/14(Fri)21:02 UTC+1 No.639314 Report

you need to get all those fucking turns out of your route duder. city travel is a million times faster using straight lines. straight west then straight south. I too commute like a mother fucker. can cover that distance, with training, in under 50 no prob. and practice that shit on your days off. rock the short cuts. also switch your gearing. finding a nice sturmy archer 3 speed hub is easy and cheap, switch chain ring. win?
Anonymous 03/21/14(Fri)21:37 UTC+1 No.639328 Report

just want to try to get it under a hour for work purposes, i like my freetime

i am a cager, i work in the cage industry, i love my cage. I just want to get in better shape & save money

i come from a bmx background so im not really use to riding road bikes, im sure ill ride it really hard because its city riding, im throwing some "flat bars" on too for stability

new to riding anything besides road bike, so some terminology is over my head. i assume short cuts are the padded spandex shorts? and gearing & chain-ring i get, and whats a 3 speed hub exactly?

im actually pretty excited to do this, see some new sights, get in better shape, and save money
Anonymous 03/21/14(Fri)21:47 UTC+1 No.639334 Report

short cuts means just that - finding quicker routes.
and a 3 speed hub is an internal shifter inside your wheel hub, with 3 gears. the advantages over derailleur gears are that your chain always runs straight and it isn't affected by weather as much.
Anonymous 03/21/14(Fri)22:10 UTC+1 No.639350 Report

Ah, i use to build gary fisher bikes like that at the bicycle shop i worked at in highschool. So it shifts automatically?
Anonymous 03/21/14(Fri)22:26 UTC+1 No.639362 Report

It has a cable actuated friction shifter. you get to choose gears at your whim. it is awesome for commuting. three choices, no derailuh tuningm, easy mount chain guard. I live in upstate ny and when wearing snow pants you cant just roll the fuckers up. Sram makes a single speed hub that switches from freewheel to fixed with a flat head screw driver, its called the torpedo. a friend of mine also runs a three speed sturmy fixed gear hub. yeah for commutes!
Anonymous 03/21/14(Fri)22:38 UTC+1 No.639374 Report

>friction sbhift
no youre stupid
Anonymous 03/21/14(Fri)23:09 UTC+1 No.639386 Report

>Possible to get it down to 45-50 minutes?
Ride at about 18 miles an hour average.
Anonymous 03/22/14(Sat)00:09 UTC+1 No.639402 Report

Is this possible? i have no sense of speed coming from a strict bmx background

my boss thinks i cant even hit 25mph on a road bike ever

pretty sure hes wrong and pretty sure i can get to around 20mph on my bmx, of course that would be me pushing it to the limit
Anonymous 03/22/14(Sat)00:11 UTC+1 No.639403 Report

>my boss thinks i cant even hit 25mph on a road bike ever
YOU probably can't. Someone fairy fit and well trained can average 18mph including stops and such.
Anonymous 03/22/14(Sat)00:23 UTC+1 No.639408 Report

im not saying 25mph average, just saying a top speed of 25mph

i feel like i can just barely keep up with traffic peddling my heart out on my bmx

my gearing is 25/9 on it
Anonymous 03/22/14(Sat)00:31 UTC+1 No.639411 Report

Your boss is full of shit, anybody in decent shape can sprint over 25mph on flat ground with a road bike
Anonymous 03/22/14(Sat)00:34 UTC+1 No.639413 Report

I'm saying you probably can't hit a top speed of 25mph. Especially not on your bike. You would need to be spinning the crank at 160rpm. It isn't a trivial task to do 25mph.
Anonymous 03/22/14(Sat)00:35 UTC+1 No.639415 Report

I doubt some kid on a BMX is fit enough to go 25mph unless he is going downhill.
Anonymous 03/22/14(Sat)00:37 UTC+1 No.639416 Report

Anonymous 03/22/14(Sat)00:42 UTC+1 No.639419 Report

15minutes every 5 miles seems reasonable, the suburban miles will probably go quicker than the dense city miles and direcxtion of the wind will add/decrease time
Anonymous 03/22/14(Sat)00:45 UTC+1 No.639420 Report

>with a road bike
Anonymous 03/22/14(Sat)00:46 UTC+1 No.639421 Report

>15minutes every 5 miles seems reasonable
Do you actually bike?
Anonymous 03/22/14(Sat)00:48 UTC+1 No.639422 Report

No, he is still a weakling.
Anonymous 03/22/14(Sat)00:54 UTC+1 No.639426 Report

Riding a bmx bike doesn't automatically make you a weakling, and sprinting to 25mph on a road bike doesn't take much anyways
Anonymous 03/22/14(Sat)14:39 UTC+1 No.639663 Report

Im going to attempt to make the run whenever it is decent enough out on a sunday

will post pics along the way

the route i will have to study as much as i can then learn as i go
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