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Anonymous 03/21/14(Fri)01:00 UTC+1 No.638941 Report

Hi /n/,

I am normally just a daily walker, but recently I've been presented with a older 3-speed bicycle. I do get bored with walking from time to time, so I'm set on getting back into biking. This 3-speed is in excellent condition considering it's almost 20 years old. I've fiddled around with it for the past few weeks and everything seems good.

Now, I know it's a 3 speed. In fact I am very thankful that I received a quality FREE bike with any working gears at all, but even now after 2 weeks of exercising with it I still feel that even the lowest gear can be hard to start with. Again, mechanically everything is perfect, but for me it's still hard to get off the line. Also the top gear feels too high and seems very impractical for my daily use.

What I want to know is, how would I go about selecting a new sprocket for my rear wheel? I figure if I change my ratio with larger sprocket than the 1st gear will be easier to start and the 3rd will be more practical. The only problem is I'm having it hard trying to find related information about my problem/solution.

Any helpful information or direction would be appreciated. Thank you.
Anonymous 03/21/14(Fri)02:31 UTC+1 No.638967 Report

OP that seems quite unusual. Three-speeds are usually a good range, do you have the seat high enough? Anyway sprockets are cheap, go to the LBS and talk to them. :3
Awesome Funposter 03/21/14(Fri)02:36 UTC+1 No.638970 Report

3 speeds don't use standard sprockets and somehow I doubt most LBS keep a variety of IGH cogs in stock. But a 3 speed should have a very usable 2nd gear similar to a single speed, and 1st gear should be lower than that. Have to checked the cable tension to make sure it is in the right gear?
Anonymous 03/21/14(Fri)02:40 UTC+1 No.638974 Report

You could always just get a smaller chainring instead
Anonymous 03/21/14(Fri)05:55 UTC+1 No.639072 Report


>2 weeks

Give yourself two months of regular riding before you can make an accurate call about the capabilities of the bike vs your own shitlegs.
Anonymous 03/21/14(Fri)09:05 UTC+1 No.639135 Report

yeah, knock your front chainweel down about 3 to 6 teeth. you may also have to remove a chainlink or two
Anonymous 03/21/14(Fri)11:20 UTC+1 No.639184 Report

The seat is just about maxed out, but my knee position seems good. I'm feeling no stress in my knees.

Yes it is definitely in the 1st gear. I will also note that the second gear is very usable, but still seems a little high.


Yes I may have shit legs. That is correct.
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