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Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)12:38 UTC+1 No.695348 Report

I got a question for everyone who rides longish distances on a road bike.

How the fuck do you get away with not bringing ANYTHING with you? I've never understood this. I did a 200km ride this weekend and there's no way that would have worked without a backpack. It was insanely hot and I went through about 7 litres of water and a shitload of food just so I wouldn't collapse. But I also ride in winter when the weather conditions can change quickly so I usually have to bring something warm to wear.

Basically I want to know how you can ride for half a day or longer bringing nothing but a spare tube, some tire levers and a few energy gels. I just don't get it, do you stop at every gas station to get food and water? How can you sustain that kind of effort on a handful of bars and gels? What do you do if it starts to rain or gets much colder? What do you do if something other than a flat happens to your bike if you don't bring any tools?

Either all those people I see only ride babby distances or they rely heavily on being able to buy stuff on the way or have someone drive their ass home if the weather changes or their bike breaks.

I'm thinking of getting something like pic related so I can ditch the backpack at least. Am I doing it wrong?
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)12:41 UTC+1 No.695349 Report


There are two options. Support vehicles or bringing your own shit.
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)12:42 UTC+1 No.695350 Report

you put 3x1l bottles in your various bottle cages and stuff your jersey with power bars or gels. have a good breakfast and refill your water once along the way if the weather's hot.

if you have to bring more, add a rack to your bike, don't wear a fucking backpack.
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)12:49 UTC+1 No.695354 Report

>I got a question for everyone who rides longish distances on a road bike.
>How the fuck do you get away with not bringing ANYTHING with you?
depends on the climate and season

some days I've *easily* rode 50 miles in ~65F and 50% humidity with very little water
other days I've struggled to ride 25 miles in 100F and 80% humidity, chugging water

i usually bring 2 tubes + patch kit + pump + 2 different multitools........ and food & water
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)12:59 UTC+1 No.695361 Report

Panniers, duh
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)13:42 UTC+1 No.695375 Report

OP, I don't think anyone rides 200km with nothing on them.
That being said, anyone who goes on a ride without at least a multi tool and a picture repair kit is an idiot anyway
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)13:48 UTC+1 No.695379 Report

>picture repair kit
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)13:51 UTC+1 No.695383 Report

What, how else are you supposed to repair your pictures if you fall and tear the canvas?
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)13:54 UTC+1 No.695384 Report
File: paintbrushes.jpg-(123x125)
>picture repair kit

Anon is right, you never want to go on a ride without it, who knows what could happen
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)13:58 UTC+1 No.695385 Report

>add a rack to your bike, don't wear a fucking backpack
This right here, OP. Your pic even shows a bike with a bag lashed to the saddle rails. Use a pannier bag, a saddle bag, a handlebar bag, fucking anything but a backpack. It's like you actually want your back to be sweaty and sore after only a few miles.
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)14:01 UTC+1 No.695386 Report

I don't think rides 200 km without a support vehicle or team, or a credit card with planned stops. And if you don't bring water on your ride, regardles of distance, you're retarded.

I just got back from a 95 km ride, and I brought 2 x 750 ml water, spare tube, tire levers, multitool, small pump and a small wire lock. I scheduled my ride, so I knew that at about 50 km, there would be a place to buy some lunch, and refill bottles (hot weather today).

Don't bring a backpack, go with one like your pic, or maybe a handlebarbag where theres better access to while riding.
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)14:08 UTC+1 No.695391 Report

I put on three bottle cages, maybe a camelbak in the summer, eat a carb heavy meal the night before, a large breakfast, and carry gels and clif bars in the jersey. Spare tube gets wrapped around the seatpost, Co2 pump and extra carts in jersey, patchkit in jersey.

It's really not that big a deal. WIth three bottles and a camelbak under my jerseyI can carry 7 liters of water easily.
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)14:23 UTC+1 No.695397 Report

why not get a saddle bag so all that crap isn't hanging off your back?
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)14:23 UTC+1 No.695398 Report

but how do you not get hungry eating nothing but ridiculous little bars? I'm a 6'4 guy and on a 200km ride I burn between 2000-3000 calories, there's no way I can eat that in the form of gels and bars. Shit, even if I could carry so many I would puke after the fifth or so, it's not like it's a proper meal.
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)14:30 UTC+1 No.695402 Report

I can carry 3000 cals in my pockets, lel
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)14:33 UTC+1 No.695403 Report

Because you don't need to replace every cal you burn on the ride during the ride. You think pro-riders are pounding 3k Cals during their races?

The stuff you eat on the ride is essentially quickly accessible energy to keep you from bonking, not the full replacement value of the energy burned. Thats for when you get home, take a nice shower, and have your wife make you a nice dinner.
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)14:36 UTC+1 No.695404 Report


>making your bike cook after working hard all day

alpha as fuck
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)14:36 UTC+1 No.695405 Report

If you ride alone, plan your route so that you're never too far away from the nearest train station.
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)14:49 UTC+1 No.695407 Report


I've done a few 130+ rides this year. Usually I bring a couple powerbars, 2 bottles, a spare tube, 1 tire lever and co2.

I also bring about $15-20 to spend largely on water, and will sometimes buy a small redbull at around mile 75 and 100. If you get redbull or energy drink don't forget to eat a powerbar or something with it and drink about half a bottle or so right after you drink the redbull.

You CAN get away with 1 or 2 bottles for a 5 hour century if you're fit enough, even if it's nearly 90F.

But during training I won't do over 80miles without more than 4 bottles if I can help it, it sucks balls to not drink much.

If I'm far away from somewhere alone I'll also bring a saddlebag with 2 more spare tubes and 3 co2 + another tire lever.
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)14:51 UTC+1 No.695408 Report

Nice one anon
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)15:14 UTC+1 No.695414 Report

Most of my answers have already been written in this thread.

But sometimes I deliberately plan my long rides around food stops in neighboring towns, I think it's fun and adds interest to a ride to go in search of the best burritos, riding 50 miles to get the world's best donuts, or "coffeeneuring."
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)15:17 UTC+1 No.695416 Report

Top kék
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)16:04 UTC+1 No.695442 Report

don't be such a pussy, op

if you're really worried bring a camelbak or something
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)16:19 UTC+1 No.695446 Report

I've done 178km with just 1 bottle, repair stuff, cellphone, and some cash. I don't think pushing to 200km would change that much but my route is fairly tame and stores aplenty. I also have a saddle bag like the one on your pic but when I need to retrieve my foodstuffs from there also have to dismount so it's just more convenient to buy it on the go. You don't need to stop at every gas station you find unless there are less than 5 on your route but you should be able to handle the inbetweens. I find that it also helps to keep the morale up, setting up those stops serve also as an intermediate goal so i don't get bummed out by the monotony of roadroadroadroadpotholeroad. But of course, if i'm going to ride somewhere remote/unfamiliar i'm certainly bringing the bag.
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)16:20 UTC+1 No.695447 Report


They suck, like backpacks, the last thing you want to have on your back when it's hot it's a big piece of cloth attached to you
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)17:15 UTC+1 No.695465 Report

Typically I carry ziplock bags of drink mix to refill my bottles and maybe a Clif bar or two or something similar and find water along the way. You don't need a shitload of food and shit, and why shlepp 20 pounds of water when you're probably climbing hills?
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)17:18 UTC+1 No.695468 Report

>Not carb loading the day before a long
>Not having a good nights rest
>Not eating a rich breakfast 2/3 hours before your ride
>Not stretching
>Not wearing breathable/organic/lightweight apparel that protects you from the sun but also provides good ventilation
>Not practicing good breathing techniques (expand that diaphragm)
>Not praying to allah before the start of your ride
>Not listening to music during your ride
>Not watching heart rate and/or lactate buildup to prevent/reduce fatigue
>Not having a good posture that frees your body from any tension (elbows, hips, abdomen, neck etc)
>Not taking a sip of water every 10-15 minutes
>Not taking a small stretch break every 50/60 miles
>Not consuming slow-digesting carbs at start/during ride
>Not "wanking it" post-ride to check that the tubing is working fine

Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)19:26 UTC+1 No.695515 Report

Haha you need lunch after 50k. U fat bro?
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)19:58 UTC+1 No.695528 Report

I usually worry too much on my food and drinks also. Thats why i always look for churches and/or cemetery`s. You can usually get water there for free. I only once mis planned it forcing me to go into a gas station and stock up on sugary foods.
Anonymous 07/22/14(Tue)06:48 UTC+1 No.695841 Report

You don't even own a bike, do you?
Anonymous 07/22/14(Tue)07:04 UTC+1 No.695842 Report


Anonymous 07/28/14(Mon)08:14 UTC+1 No.699036 Report

Why no backpack?
Anonymous 07/28/14(Mon)08:31 UTC+1 No.699039 Report

do you like wrecking you back/shoulders?
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