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Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)06:25 UTC+1 No.638630 Report

Just bought a Bianchi Impulso 105 2014

$1519 AUSD

Isn't she a looker or what?
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)06:34 UTC+1 No.638632 Report

So that's like $100 US right?
That fucking color.
Are you a dentist?
I bet I could still destroy you on my fixie.
>tfw I'm jelly as fuck.
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)06:36 UTC+1 No.638634 Report

1 AU dollar ~ 1 US dollar

However, everything in austrailia costs more because of taxes and the fact that it's an island.
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)06:48 UTC+1 No.638635 Report

>let me tell you about your country
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)06:50 UTC+1 No.638636 Report


dude, what!?! That's a $500 bike. YOu got ripped off. Can you take it back? Where'd you buy it from?
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)06:52 UTC+1 No.638637 Report

>everything in austrailia costs more because of taxes and the fact that everything is imported.


Also, only 20million people. Not a big market.
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)06:57 UTC+1 No.638638 Report

Not everything is imported, they have industry on the island. However, since wages are higher, the price of goods are also higher.

>holden(austrailian car company) sold a car in america under the pontiac nameplate as a GTO
>it was cheaper in america than in austrailia
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)06:57 UTC+1 No.638639 Report

Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)06:59 UTC+1 No.638640 Report

Nice try, it's RRP is $1799
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)07:00 UTC+1 No.638641 Report

I'm a sydneybro
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)07:01 UTC+1 No.638642 Report

yeah its pretty nice but you are fucking tall
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)07:01 UTC+1 No.638643 Report

Damn, looks exactly like an Adelaide metro train... I thought they looked fairly different in each state.
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)07:04 UTC+1 No.638645 Report

Nah new CityRail trains


How did you know im tall
>implying im not 5"0 manlet
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)07:18 UTC+1 No.638648 Report

Just got it home

U mirin?
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)07:20 UTC+1 No.638649 Report

Forgot pic
Awesome Funposter 03/20/14(Thu)07:22 UTC+1 No.638650 Report

Did they really make a bike just for impulsive buyers?
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)07:25 UTC+1 No.638651 Report

>costs more than my car
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)07:29 UTC+1 No.638654 Report

Interesting, didn't know someone who is looking for a bike right for them, for a good 6 months is impulsive, it rides better than ur mum to be honest

Awesome Funposter 03/20/14(Thu)07:31 UTC+1 No.638657 Report

You bought a Bianchi. Of course it was impulsive.
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)08:03 UTC+1 No.638669 Report

I was gonna be all like "oh $1500 seems like pretty good price for a 105 equipped glamour brand bike" but then I did some research and that same bike sells for $3000 here in WA. $1500 gets you a Merida or a Malvern Star on sale.

>tfw not a fifo diesel mechanic
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)08:04 UTC+1 No.638670 Report


Can't even tell what group set it is in that blurry ass pick.

Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)08:05 UTC+1 No.638672 Report

let me guess, youre 6ft and that bike is a 53
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)08:07 UTC+1 No.638673 Report

Guess again
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)08:12 UTC+1 No.638676 Report

Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)08:13 UTC+1 No.638677 Report

fack ya, im 6"3
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)08:17 UTC+1 No.638679 Report


You guys really think $1500 is a good price for that bike? Wow! Here is a list of the highlights from the Bianchi website.

Frame: 6061 Aluminum
>not even 7075
Headset: FSA
>really? They're like $40 retail.
Shifters: 105
RD: 105
FD: Tiagra
Crankset: FSA Omega
>$140 retail piece of junk crank
Hubs: Generic
>wtf, lolololololol
Rims: Reparto Corse
>not really familiar with this brand, and a google search shows they're stuff isn't sold in USA so it is definitly the unknown in the equation.

Based on what I do know I'd say that is a $1,000-$1,200 bike in USA, so $1,500 in AU sounds reasonable.
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)08:20 UTC+1 No.638680 Report


Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)08:23 UTC+1 No.638682 Report


Here it is on sale in the UK for $1600 USD.
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)08:25 UTC+1 No.638684 Report

but what is the frame?

and I really dont think you understand how guessing is supposed to work
Awesome Funposter 03/20/14(Thu)08:26 UTC+1 No.638685 Report

>Reparto Corse
It means generic. It is Bianchi's house brand. For example Reparto Corse brakes are just Tektros with custom paint.
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)08:26 UTC+1 No.638686 Report

>Based on what I do know I'd say that is a $1,000-$1,200 bike in USA
the US site lists it at $1500
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)08:37 UTC+1 No.638688 Report

Looks OK OP, I gather you're a sydney rider so those wheels shouldn't be too bad on sydney roads. Also I assume you paid LBS tax, well done there's more to life than taking the cheapest possible price and you get some support out of the deal.

I bought my bike at an LBS and took it back after 100km because the frame was a little too big, they swapped the frame no probs.
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)08:38 UTC+1 No.638689 Report


Yeah but the dealers listing price is always going to be higher than what you can find it for on other sites. Whether that is what they are trying charge or not that is still way too much for that bike. All things considered the vendor probably charged $500 wholesale for that bike. What gives Bianchi the right to charge 3 times cost? It's a thousand dollar bike. Period. I wouldn't pay a penny more, I'd wait until it went on sale before purchasing if I really wanted one that badly.

Nice things are worth paying for, but that thing isn't worth the asking price. I could of built it up myself with nicer components off wiggle and Amazon for less than $1500. How much less depends on what they would charge for the frame.
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)09:24 UTC+1 No.638696 Report

if you have a bike why are you riding the bus?
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)09:53 UTC+1 No.638713 Report

>buying a ready to use mass produced brand name bike

absolutely disgusting

Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)10:01 UTC+1 No.638717 Report


Why are you such a surly boy?
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)10:09 UTC+1 No.638721 Report

That's a train.

I'm not sure you appreciate the size of Australian cities. Some of our cities are bigger than US states (in area, not population, some of your cities are bigger than our country in population).
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)10:15 UTC+1 No.638724 Report

It's a train, and because i live 50km away from where i bought it (Sydney CBD)

top kek if you're going to ride a bike out of Sydney CBD, more importantly, my helmet was at home and i was wearing thongs (flip flops)
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)10:18 UTC+1 No.638726 Report


That isn't true. NYC is USA largest population at 9 million inhabitants. AU is 20 million no?
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)10:20 UTC+1 No.638727 Report


>implying 50km is too far
>implying riding through a big city is scary
>not wearing full biking garb to the bike shop as is necessary when getting fitted.

Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)10:26 UTC+1 No.638728 Report

Not too far off. few million larger
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)10:27 UTC+1 No.638730 Report

>implying i'll survive all the death cagers
>implying bikes have any place on Parramatta Rd or the Hills M4
>implying i imply
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)10:30 UTC+1 No.638731 Report

23 million

Also, daily reminder
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)10:33 UTC+1 No.638732 Report


Real /n/iggers be riding through pic related on the daily. Get on my level
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)10:35 UTC+1 No.638733 Report

Did you know you're supposed to buy a child ticket if you want to take your bike on the train? Don't let them catch you OP.
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)10:50 UTC+1 No.638735 Report

>implying cyclists are given clearance
>implying we have our own lanes
It's death cager heaven

Yeah i know, my excuse would be "I blew all my money on my new bike here, all i have on me is a Weekly MyMulti3 and 50cents, im a uni student and didn't know the rules, my apologies"
>instantly let off
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)11:01 UTC+1 No.638736 Report


He said area, not population. Dumbass.
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)11:02 UTC+1 No.638737 Report


I used to ride Parra Rd a lot. There's a bus lane and a lot of parallel backstreets, pretty interesting riding. Also I gather Penrith?
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)11:05 UTC+1 No.638738 Report

They don't give a fuck about excuses. They fine everyone $200 whenever they can.
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)11:23 UTC+1 No.638742 Report

I go to Penrith UWS but live in North-West Sydney

Yeah i know, when i was 15, first time i EVER caught a train to school, and they fined me for not having a concession card, i appealed it and got leniency, im almost 19 now...so im doubtful i would get that lucky, and besides, if i get even the tinniest fine, there's no point in me finishing my degree, i doubt the Police Force would accept me upon completion of my degree,
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)11:27 UTC+1 No.638745 Report


You only need to do that during the commuter window in the morning and evening, it's free the rest of the time, folders are always free. FWIW the few times I took my drop bar bike on the train during peak was a nightmare: retards getting hooked on everything.
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)11:41 UTC+1 No.638751 Report

>some of your cities are bigger than our country in population

Do you even reading comprehension? Dumbass.
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)12:10 UTC+1 No.638767 Report

And I'm sure everyone else thought you were a retard for trying to fit a giant bike on a packed peak hour train.

Here in WA you're straight up not allowed to take your bike on the train at peak times. Even if you were allowed it'd be very rare that you could actually fit it on.
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)12:22 UTC+1 No.638769 Report

>implying Surly isn't any those
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)12:35 UTC+1 No.638770 Report

Police won't care about little things like that.
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)12:59 UTC+1 No.638774 Report

Police recruitment they scrutinize everything
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)13:04 UTC+1 No.638776 Report

your comment: >>638713
my comment: >>638717
See pic related for definition of surly.

>implying I was talking about a bike brand
Anonymous 03/21/14(Fri)10:47 UTC+1 No.639170 Report

They'll care if you say it didn't happen or deny it or hide it but if you say that yes, it happened and you learnt your lesson, they won't care.
Anonymous 03/21/14(Fri)10:49 UTC+1 No.639173 Report

You just need to say, you forgot your wallet and didn't have money on you, got booked on your way home to get it. Learnt your lesson, you make sure you always have cash on you to buy tickets now.

Honestly, police commit (and are charged with) far worse crimes than that and stay in the police force.

Actually, it barely counts as a crime, it's in the class of offenses such as speeding tickets.
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