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/n/ - Transportation - Looking for my First real Road Bike.

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Looking for my First real Road Bike. Anonymous 07/27/14(Sun)22:22 UTC+1 No.698787 Report

Hey /n/ as the title suggests i'm looking to buy my first road bike.

I've always road bikes, just never got round to buying a proper road bike. i currently ride downhill and a singlespeed for work, and then an old steely 7 speed in the shed somewhere.

But what are the brands of 2014? what cranks and shifters are to look out for on a bike.

What are you riding currently and are you happy with that purchase?

any help would be great! currently looking at Fuji or Bianchi.
Anonymous 07/27/14(Sun)22:49 UTC+1 No.698796 Report

>Fuji or Bianchi
not Bianchi

Also, it helps to know what's your budget.

and try here >>698537
Anonymous 07/27/14(Sun)22:59 UTC+1 No.698801 Report

Roughly under £750 just looking for a med range one
Anonymous 07/28/14(Mon)17:05 UTC+1 No.699160 Report

I'm looking to buy this one in the next couple of months



has Shimano 105s or whatever it is, very high tier groupset for a £750 bike
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