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Anonymous 03/16/14(Sun)05:37 UTC+1 No.636944 Report

Motorcycle Commute Thread

Just wondering if any of you commute on motorcycles as opposed to bikes.
I would think it preferable for longer distances plus you can hold stuff to your bike.
You'll still get wet if it rains tho but it's easy to bring extra clothes in a dry sack.

Any tips, suggestions or that sort of thing for someone looking to commute on a motorcycle? Things to be wary of?

>also, fresh OC I made
Anonymous 03/16/14(Sun)06:08 UTC+1 No.636950 Report

Do both.
If you're transportation is a real serious interest of yours you'll try to own and master every vehicle under the sun.

Also, the holy trinity of vehicles is the truck-motorcycle-bicycle trio. Each one accomplishes a range of different tasks at peak efficiency.
Anonymous 03/16/14(Sun)06:12 UTC+1 No.636954 Report

yeah, my sister is looking for a truck which means i can borrow it so that's sweet
will come in handy for the bike too
my car gets good milage but my bike is like 55mpg if im not hooning it.
nothing feels better than filling your take and getting change back from a twenty

the bike in my pic is my bike too
09 SV650SF
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