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Road Bikes Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)20:40 UTC+1 No.715696 Report

Hey /n/,

I am looking for a good road bike. I've been riding my dad's old schwinn mountain bike for the past 3 months so I can drop some pounds. So far so good, I've lost around 40-50 pounds. Now I am just want something that would fit me more. When I get in-shape I would like to do longer rides(20-50miles)

I went to my local bike shop in Vancouver Wa, and I saw the Trek 1.5. Anyone good with bikes think this would be a good fit for me? Is it a good solid bike? They were selling it for around 999 USD.

Thanks for any help
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)20:44 UTC+1 No.715697 Report

I wouldn't get anything less than the 2.3 or 2.1
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)20:49 UTC+1 No.715702 Report

Why is that?

That's a little out of my price range
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)20:59 UTC+1 No.715708 Report

the components are much better.
definitely worth the extra money if you plan on having it for a long while.
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)21:00 UTC+1 No.715709 Report

Well it's like a thousand dollars more

Is the frame good?

Can't I just buy better components down the line?
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)21:11 UTC+1 No.715713 Report

It's better just to buy the bike with all the components on it because while it is economical to slowly add on the better components down the line, adding upgrades does not give the bike a better resell value, which you will inevitably do.
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)21:16 UTC+1 No.715718 Report

The msrp difference between the 1.5 and 2.1 is only a couple hundred.

I think someone here has a fairly new 2 series.
Maybe they'll chime in and give you their opinion.
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)22:07 UTC+1 No.715747 Report

The jump up to the 2 series is more aerodynamic frameset, with a wider & stiffer headtube and bottom bracket.
The 1.5 groupset is 10 speed Tiagra.
The 2.1 groupset for the new 2015 models is the new 11-speed 105.

Since you've already become familiar with riding bikes, and you know you want to get a good road bike as a long-term investment in cycling, I would recommend putting down the extra $200-300 to get a much better frameset and modern groupset.
Everything is moving to 11-speed as Shimano's intermediate 105 lineup has even been included, so you will find more availability for upgrading/replacing any components bit-by-bit in the future as you already have 11-speed, so you won't need to make a huge jump with a lot of parts from 10 to 11 (assuming you ever even feel the need to upgrade past 105).
S 08/27/14(Wed)22:40 UTC+1 No.715759 Report

If you've got the money, the 1.5 is solid.
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)23:48 UTC+1 No.715792 Report
File: trek.jpg-(125x93)
I got a 1.2 as my first road...
I got a 1.2 as my first road bike and I've done ~2000 miles on it. I think it's pretty much the same as the 1.5 but with a Sora groupset, although the FSA cranks look the same (they use a bb with internal bearings, unlike sora / tiagra hollowtech).

It's been a nice ride for me although I can't really compare it. I had problems shifting so I'm upgrading the groupset now but with a madone series 2 you would have more reliable components. I had to replace the no name brake pads because they were destroying the rims. Also I got this bike fitted and the geometry happened to be a really good fit for me. If you're on a budget, last years model should be cheaper too. Mine is a 2013 bought feb this year for £420. Pic is the same frame.
Anonymous 08/28/14(Thu)00:01 UTC+1 No.715798 Report

Former 255pounder here. How wide are the tires you're looking at? I went from a old road bike with 27x1.5 tires to 25mm tires and went from the occasional flat, to flats virtually every long ride.
Depending on your weight and how shitty your roads are, you may be better off with a wide tire bike.
>That feel when going fast on racing slicks
Anonymous 08/28/14(Thu)01:41 UTC+1 No.715860 Report

I am not sure what my current tires are but they are standard mountain bike tires, so pretty fat.

The Trek 1.5 I think is 700x23c

Which seems like half as small.

The roads around Vancouver are pretty good, lots of bike lanes.

Okay thanks for the all the information. Lot of this is going over my head. I never knew there was biking could get intense.
Anonymous 08/28/14(Thu)01:49 UTC+1 No.715864 Report

Okay so If I go with 2.1 or the 1.5 they are both solid bikes right? Worth the dosh?

Trek is good maker of bikes, No problems?
Anonymous 08/28/14(Thu)02:23 UTC+1 No.715873 Report

Both solid, 105 is better than the tiagra. But you'll be fine. Get whatyou can afford and ride it. Decent bikes. 1.5 ,2.1 , spec allez.
Anonymous 08/28/14(Thu)02:27 UTC+1 No.715874 Report

but both are good for longer riding/commuting(maybe)? Or is it more of a racing bike? I am not all about speed, more about endurance.
Anonymous 08/28/14(Thu)02:34 UTC+1 No.715876 Report

They're both solid bikes.
The 2.1 has components that are going to run smoother and last longer. The 2.1 will also retain its value a bit better.

Go with the 2.1
Anonymous 08/28/14(Thu)04:33 UTC+1 No.715920 Report

Either is perfect for what you're talking about. 2.1 is better, but both will serve you well as a beginner. get one, don't over think it.
Anonymous 08/28/14(Thu)06:08 UTC+1 No.715950 Report

Anonymous 08/28/14(Thu)13:32 UTC+1 No.716045 Report

Not the OP, but in a similar situation. My LBS has a 2014 1.2 for ~$800; should I buy that, or save some more money and get a 2.1? I'm going to be riding the bike every/every other day.
Anonymous 08/28/14(Thu)14:22 UTC+1 No.716048 Report

Did you read thru this thread?

It would be wise to save and purchase the 2.1.
Anonymous 08/28/14(Thu)14:46 UTC+1 No.716054 Report

Just asking. But, I will probably save up for a 2.1 then.
Anonymous 08/28/14(Thu)15:35 UTC+1 No.716069 Report

I'm surprised nobody mentioned bike fit.

Try both. Also try a Trek Domane. It's got a different geometry. Then I would buy the one that feels the best to you.

Tiagra components are very close to Shimano 105. And be honest, by the time you're ready to upgrade you'll likely just want a new bike.
Anonymous 08/29/14(Fri)07:29 UTC+1 No.716424 Report

I heard the difference between the Tiagra and the 105 is pretty much not noticeable, and that's the main difference between 1.5 and the 2.1 right?

I think you are right if I get the point where I do get really into bike riding and the Tiagra is not good enough for me i'll probably have enough saved up to get a better bike.
Anonymous 08/29/14(Fri)08:05 UTC+1 No.716432 Report

My recommendations goes like this:

Tight budget? Get Sora (check 1.2, it's on sale now)

Have money to spare? Get Ultegra.

Are you a dentist? Dura-Ace

Now if your budget lands on Tiagra or 105, it's okay.
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