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Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)14:42 UTC+1 No.638799 Report

What do you guys drink to replenish electorlytes? I'd prefer a powder that I can buy in bulk and mix into my bottles since it is way cheaper that way. Preferably something that isn't packed with a bunch of chemicals and artificial coloring. Maybe someone could even suggest a home made recipe they use?
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)15:22 UTC+1 No.638813 Report

Water with sugar and salt.
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)15:47 UTC+1 No.638817 Report

Robinsons Squash (classic), water and salt.
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)16:36 UTC+1 No.638827 Report

Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)17:40 UTC+1 No.638839 Report

>implying the "sports scientists" don't do exactly the same.
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)18:04 UTC+1 No.638843 Report

I take water unless its a 1.5+h ride- than I take powdered isostar an mix it 50% as strong as it says on the box.
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)18:09 UTC+1 No.638844 Report


>>>/fit/ >>>/asp/
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)18:12 UTC+1 No.638845 Report

try harder
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)18:13 UTC+1 No.638846 Report

You can't ride very far without hydrating

pic related, report it too if you like
Anonymous 03/20/14(Thu)19:47 UTC+1 No.638862 Report

Beer [Ale not lager]
Its isotonic, relaxing, reduces pain, doesn't taste sweet. The ideal post ride drink
Anonymous 03/21/14(Fri)00:17 UTC+1 No.638931 Report


Occasionally I mix up Pocari concentrate.

If I'm just taking water then sometimes I add some lime juice to it.
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