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Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)22:56 UTC+1 No.695605 Report

hello, /n/. A friend of a friend is selling a 1997 Coyote Pro Four Bike and he hasn't really set a price for it (he wants me to give him a price and he'll think about it) the problem is that I don't know how much to offer him. TL;DR: What's a good price for pic related?
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)22:56 UTC+1 No.695606 Report
File: Coyote.jpg-(125x70)
>>695605Moar pics
Moar pics
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)22:57 UTC+1 No.695608 Report
File: Coyote 2.jpg-(125x70)
Awesome Funposter 07/21/14(Mon)23:00 UTC+1 No.695610 Report

$80. Not that he would take it considering he probably paid about 10 times as much. But that's about how much it is worth.
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)23:08 UTC+1 No.695617 Report

$80, maybe $100, sounds about right to me too - the frame and components we can see are in good shape, but very basic. Not a bad bike, but there's nothing special to raise the price.
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)23:10 UTC+1 No.695618 Report

He also has a Trek 4300 for sale, what would that be worth, the components i can see from his pictures are in good conditions.
Anonymous 07/21/14(Mon)23:14 UTC+1 No.695621 Report

For that? It's a real piece of shit. And MTB's have not aged well at all since technology has drastically improved

And its worth 30 usd

For the Trek 4300 I say about 80 usd
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