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Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)04:30 UTC+1 No.641165 Report


norway confirmed for weakest cycling nation in the entire world
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)05:07 UTC+1 No.641177 Report

whats the point of it?
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)05:22 UTC+1 No.641185 Report

It's public transportation, just much more localized than a bus or a train. The lift allows grandmas, children, and people who aren't very athletic to get up a very steep hill they would otherwise struggle with, or have to walk their bikes up, in the course of doing their shopping or commuting.
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)10:09 UTC+1 No.641410 Report

how fucking pathetic can people be
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)10:42 UTC+1 No.641419 Report

they should put one on every road and hill
pedalling is tiring
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)10:49 UTC+1 No.641420 Report

Meanwhile, in Germany:
>Steep hill? Fuck it, we'll build a tram.
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)11:23 UTC+1 No.641427 Report

To be honest, Stuttgart is a shit city to cycle in.
Hills everywhere, narrow congested streets, shitty bike infrastructure, righteous Swabian cagers that like to "educate" others in traffic and locals that think not owning a Benz or Porsche (both produced there) means you're hurting the local economy.

Funniest thing I saw there were mud-coated downhill riders in full gear who rode the tram uphill with their 50 lbs. fullies.
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)11:55 UTC+1 No.641438 Report

You just described pretty much every city in Germany (except for no hills in the north). It's not surprising that the country that pretty much invented the car is car centered as fuck. Cagers here are second only to US cagers in their entitlement and self righteousness when it comes to who owns the road and who is most important. Even if they built the greatest cycling infrastructure in the world right now, cycling would still be a mess simply because cagers have been taught for decades that they are the most important part of traffic and everyone else needs to bow to their needs.
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)11:59 UTC+1 No.641439 Report

only one question left then

how do we kill the cagers?
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)12:15 UTC+1 No.641441 Report

Really? I love riding in Munich.
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)12:27 UTC+1 No.641444 Report

Munich is Bavarian, not German.
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)12:33 UTC+1 No.641446 Report

Funnily enough, the world's best IGH's (Rohloff), hub dynamos (SON), bicycle lights (Bausch&Müller), folding bikes (Riese&Müller Birdy) and several internationally respected recumbents are also from Germany.
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)12:37 UTC+1 No.641448 Report

Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)13:52 UTC+1 No.641459 Report

>folding bikes (Riese&Müller Birdy)
Brompton folds smaller, so it is better. Folded size is the most important feature of a folding bike.
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)13:53 UTC+1 No.641460 Report

Who will bring then the food to the stores?
Who will bring the mail to the post office?
Who will deliver your precious bicycles and spare parts to the store for sale?
Since trucks are just bigger cages and endanger testiclists by running them over by taking a turn.

Think before you post.
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)14:14 UTC+1 No.641469 Report

Keep all the delivery drivers. They are like 3% of the traffic.
Just kill all the people driving their 3 ton truck half a mile to the grocery store to get a beer.
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)14:26 UTC+1 No.641474 Report

Their engineers emphasized a different aspect.
That doesn't make it better as such.
R&M specifically tried to build a folding bike that rides as much like a full size as possible and can be used for long distance touring with luggage.
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)14:55 UTC+1 No.641488 Report

>long distance touring with luggage

now that I'd like to see.
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)15:01 UTC+1 No.641493 Report

Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)18:17 UTC+1 No.641541 Report

I'm glad to see you have the seat set forward for time trial racing.
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)14:35 UTC+1 No.641925 Report

i could use one of those folding thingys.
are folders yay or nay?
and whats best? birdy vs bromton vs??
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)14:41 UTC+1 No.641927 Report

the cheapest Birdy will set you back $1.6k so it wouldn't be the first folder I'd buy.
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)16:13 UTC+1 No.641964 Report

cheap chinese ones, you won't be going so fast if it falls apart anyways, so you'll live. though that probably won't happen.
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)16:59 UTC+1 No.641992 Report

ye i did some reading and unless someone here can convince me otherwise i think i will say nay to folders.
and i would probably look like a big fat moron on one of those tiny things
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)17:33 UTC+1 No.642012 Report

So Dahon. They come in cheap and more expensive.
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)17:38 UTC+1 No.642016 Report

Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)18:30 UTC+1 No.642028 Report

>i could use one of those folding thingys.
>are folders yay or nay?
i am a recumbent fag,,,,,,,, but a folder is THE bike to have in a urban environment
being folding means no locking it up outside to get stolen, and it rides the bus/train/taxi whenever you do

>and whats best? birdy vs bromton vs??
the cheapest folding bikes I'd recommend is the Dahons, and the multi-speed ones from them are up around $500 (but then, I'd say you need to spend at least ~$400 for a decent adult bike in the USA)

birdys and bromptons are both good, but then, they cost way more than $500 too

there is cheapo $100 jobs on amazon. they don't tend to last very long or work well.
Awesome Funposter 03/26/14(Wed)18:35 UTC+1 No.642030 Report

Since when are Moultons folders? They're demountable.
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)21:15 UTC+1 No.642112 Report

is it worth getting one that is a bit more high end than one for $500?
whats the range on those? can they manage 100 miles in one run without falling apart?
i read that some of them even had a rohloff hub so they cant be that bad right?
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)21:22 UTC+1 No.642114 Report


He never said they were
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