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Anonymous 03/28/14(Fri)13:03 UTC+1 No.642928 Report

i need a bike and i have been looking at the thorns.
i know i will not ride it through africa and stuff, but unless i get a cold or something it will be used for 30km / almost 20 mile rides daily all year round with various amount of snow in the wintertime. im a bit of an /out/ so it needs to be able to carry some weight from outdoorsy stuff, and normal groceries from weekly shopping too sometimes. it will also be used for up to a month long trips visiting friends in various places in my country, so no africa or anything extreme.
i dont mind planned maintenance but i dont live that close to a city so if it brakes down unexpectedly during my daily commutes when i dont have any extra parts and stuff with me it will be very long and grumpy walk the nearest bikeshop, so i need something reliable too.
i basically need a workhorse to use and abuse when distance and reliability is more important than speed pretty much daily.

my father died and left me some money a couple of weeks ago so i can afford it. but i could also use that money for other stuff so i will feel it in my wallet if i get one. i also want something new for once. im sick of using used stuff all the time so i will get something new.

soo.. what do you think about the nomad or raven from thorn? or the sherpa perhaps?
are they worth it? or are they only hyped bikes that rich hipsters use?
should i get something else?
Anonymous 03/28/14(Fri)13:07 UTC+1 No.642929 Report

Threads wher you could have asked this question without opening a new one:

Anonymous 03/28/14(Fri)13:22 UTC+1 No.642931 Report

i do agree that those threads had some useful posts. but i didnt ask about barefoot pedals, degenerates or lycra shorts.

anyway.. i should have known better than to ask anything here
Anonymous 03/28/14(Fri)14:04 UTC+1 No.642937 Report


>i should have known better than to ask anything here

What's that supposed to mean? You clearly don't know anything about this board, so don't go throwing shit around.

Anonymous 03/28/14(Fri)14:05 UTC+1 No.642938 Report

That kind of attitude gets you nothing in this world, not just 4chan..
Anonymous 04/01/14(Tue)23:43 UTC+1 No.644946 Report


Hey OP, not sure if you're still around after your little hissy fit but here's my .02

The Thorn bikes are heavily overbuilt as expedtion tourers. They're meant to do tens of thousands of miles over the roughest roads on earth all while carrying 100lbs of crap, plus rider.

It's way more bike than anyone would need for a year round commuter but if that floats your boat then go for it. Personally I would go for something a bit lighter but just as capable, and cheaper too.

Buying a thorn for commuting is like buying a formula 1 car for commuting. Not very practicle for the application. Plus when you're commuting you're leaving your bike parked various places for long periods of time. Why woul you want to leave your $2k bike out in the rain all day and risk it getting stolen? Hope you had a good day and come back any time.
Anonymous 04/06/14(Sun)12:13 UTC+1 No.647393 Report

holy crap the thread still here. i couldnt resist coming back to check stuff out even after swearing an holy oath never to visit to this board again.
yes this is the hissy fiting op.
if i may defend myself. i came here from /out/ so no i dont know anything about this board or about bikes. but i do know i have seen lots and lots of threads about bikes not posted in those suggested threads above. i guess the only differrence is that those other posts are mostly about used bikes from craigslist and my post was about something new and expensive.

and you
i know i can sound douchey sometimes but thanks for replying with something constructive i needed to hear.
thanks a lot (i mean it. honest)
i would love to commute in a formula 1 car but i see your point. you steered me in to a differrent way of thinking. i was to busy thinking about getting the best i could get that i forgot to think about theft and stuff like that.

anyway.. i guess i will check the used market and make a new thread haha
Anonymous 04/06/14(Sun)12:16 UTC+1 No.647394 Report

>Buying a thorn for commuting is like buying a formula 1 car for commuting.
No, that would be like buying a carbon dura ace time trial bike for commuting. This would be like driving a bulletproof humvee.
Anonymous 04/07/14(Mon)01:51 UTC+1 No.647643 Report

I read the brochures for the Thorn bikes and they all read like the ramblings of a madman and I can't help but think they were engineered by one, too.
Anonymous 04/07/14(Mon)02:01 UTC+1 No.647648 Report

If you want one, just get one op. Why do you care what anyone else thinks? Are you a hipster or something?
Anonymous 04/07/14(Mon)02:02 UTC+1 No.647649 Report


They're the OCD nitpickings of an autismal.
Anonymous 04/07/14(Mon)02:37 UTC+1 No.647665 Report

I really just don't like it when a salesman makes a pitch that goes something like this.

>our product is the best and everyone else is retarded. seriously guise, what numbskull would make [random bike feature] like that? buy our bike or else you're retarded and we don't need your business
Awesome Funposter 04/07/14(Mon)04:31 UTC+1 No.647720 Report

So like an autistic Surly.
Anonymous 04/07/14(Mon)04:59 UTC+1 No.647725 Report


>asking about bikes on /n/

This is literally the worst place to discuss bicycles.
Anonymous 04/07/14(Mon)07:32 UTC+1 No.647762 Report

I'm sure that /o/ can give you less useful answers.
Anonymous 04/08/14(Tue)20:13 UTC+1 No.648330 Report

Yeah I hear ya. What the fuck are we even doing here?
Awesome Funposter 04/08/14(Tue)20:27 UTC+1 No.648337 Report

Funposting about bicycles.
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