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maybe need a new bike. need OPINIONS Anonymous 03/23/14(Sun)18:19 UTC+1 No.640203 Report

Ok guys, so I'm here now trying to explore my options with an open mind. My best friend has talked me down from just outright buying a Surly Ogre from the local bike shop. First I'll tell you what my current rig is and what my needs are and what I use it for primarily and I'd like to use it for. Then I'll tell you why I chose the Surly Ogre. Lastly I'll tell you what my buddy's concerns are and what he has used to talk me down from making the outright purchase this coming week. I'd like some feedback on what some of you anons think and would do in this situation and maybe provide some other options for me if at all possible.

Current Rig:
Jeep Wrangler SE full suspension disk brakes. I hate this bike, I have since the first year I seriously started riding it almost 7 years ago. The frame gets in the way of make adjustments to the front derailleur. It is extremely difficult and painstaking, though I've managed so far until recently when it started falling apart. It is cracked and now stuck on the second chainring, not all that bad, but the chain rubs now on the 6th and 7th gear. This is cause for concern for me as this is a daily commuter right now and when summer hits, I'll be doing light touring and bikepacking again every now and then. I have averaged around 2k miles the past couple years. Winter and summer.

Current Uses:
Long distance commuting; I commute 31 miles 6 days a week (186 m/wk). I average another 50 - 100 miles a week just pissing around, that will increase as the weather gets nicer. The past couple summers I have done some light touring and bikepacking, upwards of 120 miles in one day over the course of 15 hours or so of riding. It is also my casual rider and workhorse for groceries. I ride in the winter as well. A few years ago I also did some downhill and intense hard trails. I have not been nice to this bike.
Anonymous 03/23/14(Sun)18:20 UTC+1 No.640204 Report

What I want:
I like the idea of larger tires but I hate the 700 C tires/rims, I often find myself off the beaten path and require a wider tire. I love the idea of a dedicated rack instead of the seat post mount that I have now. I would like front and rear racks as well as lots of mounting possibilities for bottle cages as I do plan to get the Go Go air tent some time this summer. I still don't plan to do a hard corps tour yet, but there does lie the possibility. Depending on current circumstances and how things work out, I could find myself overseas again with no return to the U.S. in the near future. I require disk brakes, I will never go back to V-brakes if I can help it. Suspension doesn't seem as much a concern to me at all though for some reason that does linger in the back of my mind.

Surly Ogre:
I chose this because it is a steel frame, MANY mounting options for not just cages and gear, but it also has different mounting options on the frame itself for drive trains and braking options in case something breaks and I just need to nigger rig something until I can get it fixed properly. I like options, obviously. It has dedicated mounts for racks and fenders. That Jones handlebar is amazing. It looks simple to work on, the rigid rugged look is just drawing to me. Big 29er tires are capable of housing tires like the Schwalbe Marathons and Big Apples. Rear cassette gear range looks great, so do the chain rings. Very long distance and 'road' friendly without the loss of my granny gears, as I live in a rather hilly.
Anonymous 03/23/14(Sun)18:22 UTC+1 No.640205 Report

My Buddy:
His concerns are price and no suspension. He's been trying to push me towards something like the big box stores who supply things like the Schwinn Ascension 29er. It's cheap, it's a "Schwinn", so it's gotta be good right? He still doesn't have me convinced. For some reason he's been trying to push the suspension thing very hard, and for some reason it's making it less of a concern to me. Again though, the ride quality is a slight concern, I've read that it is rather jarring.

So what is anons thoughts? I'd like to see what you all think.
Anonymous 03/23/14(Sun)18:22 UTC+1 No.640206 Report

old ten speed
Anonymous 03/23/14(Sun)18:45 UTC+1 No.640213 Report

Any touring bike with discs will work for you.

>most are offered in 700c or 26 inch with some 650b special snowflakes
>many will accommodate 40c tires with fenders
>many have disc options in addition to stock canti brakes
>mounts for racks
>geometry makes for stable, comfortable riding with loads on the front and rear wheels.

A CX bike with the proper mounts would be a good runner up

This thread just sounds like surly shilling since OP made up his mind already, yet posted.
Anonymous 03/23/14(Sun)18:49 UTC+1 No.640216 Report

I guess it does seem like that, but I realize there are so many more options out there.

Just the local shop here stocks only Specialized, Trek and Surly. That's it.

They'll let me order a bike and put it together for me as my schedule doesn't seriously allow for me to do it this time of year.

Just thought I'd ask what the general opinion was.

CX bikes are good for this though?
Anonymous 03/24/14(Mon)01:38 UTC+1 No.640523 Report

I dont know about your build. But your handlebar
Setup doesnt deem mtb"".

This schwinn i havd is decent at keepi g the flow.
But id rathrr carry it up the hi.ll.
Anonymous 03/24/14(Mon)01:53 UTC+1 No.640550 Report


If you really ride that much you should invest in a decent bike. Forget about the Schwinn it is garbage. I'd recommend getting an LHT over an Ogre. You can get it in 26" or 700c, has a disc brake option, and it will fit 50mm wide tires when you want to go fat. Since most of your riding is on the road the LHT is clearly the better choice. It has a more agressive riding position so it will be a bit faster than the very upright Ogre. The only thing the LHT wouldn't potentially work for is the bike packing, but honestly unless you're doing technical single track bike packing the LHT will work just fine on gravel roads and what not.
Velo Uber Alles 03/24/14(Mon)03:32 UTC+1 No.640632 Report

>A few years ago I also did some downhill and intense hard trails.
How offroad are we talking about?

>Schwinn Ascension 29er.
BSO class. Like a non screwed up version of your Jeep. The idea of getting a cheap beater isn't bad though. A used good hardtail/rigid with a rack mount is more like it.

The biggest minuses of the Ogre is the relative price. At a rarely discounted MSRP of 1550 or so, you could probably squeeze in a basic deore/hydraulic disc hardtail AND an causal CX, tourer or wide tire road bike. More if you have a good used market.

The ogre is also heavy.

Q: Why ogre over troll?

I'm just going to toss a couple of ideas your way,

Casual CX:
Trek Crossrip, Spech Tricross,

Classic touring:
Trek 520, Fuji touring, BD grand turismo

Basic hardtails:
Too numerous to list. Say something in the 500-900 range.

I'm not knocking the ogre, but giving you a test drive option or three to compare so you can be more confident that your choice is good.

>CX bikes are good for this though?
It's lighter, more agile, but can still handle light offroad and overnight touring with no problem. If you need steel, look at the Surly Cross check or Straggler.
Anonymous 03/24/14(Mon)03:50 UTC+1 No.640651 Report

Bikesdirect gravity zilla. 9x3 monstercross with disc brakes. Rack mounts. Fender clearance. One third the price of an ogre.
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)01:49 UTC+1 No.641749 Report

>How offroad are we talking about?
Lets talk about 10 foot drops and 10 foot gaps. I'm EXTREMELY surprised I'm not dead because of this bike. It was stuff that took me by surprise though and that's why I did it. Never expected those turns of events. Was just keeping pace with some friends of mine.

All bikes I've been looking at have been far lighter than what my jeep is, in all honestly. That bastard is 45 lbs with zero gear on it, as it stands with all I have on it, it is closer to it's breaking point most likely. I've had it weigh in at 98 lbs already.

Now why the ogre, the 29er tires and mounting options in all honesty. I'm not really a fan of the 35mm tires on most 700C bikes.

Though I do not plan on doing anything really all that hard anymore, so what people have been saying about the 700C tires and aluminium frames are starting to sway me. I don't really plan any heavy offroad anymore and typical overnight touring is a must, but most anything should do for that.

That gravity zilla has me itching though, in a big way.

Thank you for the ideas and suggestions!
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