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scooters/mopeds Anonymous 03/16/14(Sun)17:55 UTC+1 No.637126 Report

Where's all the scooters at?

Lynchburg, va. Here. Curious about others experiences on them. Average speed, common issues, best places to park in public, law enforcement issues, etc etc.

Relatively new to the 50cc realm. No m endorsement, my regular license is suspended, not a dui, helmet and lights etc.

Picture related. The model i have. Guy before Me though beat it up pretty bad. Broke almost every clip on it. Missing half the screws, headlight doesn't adjust, and has troubles starting.
Anonymous 03/16/14(Sun)21:00 UTC+1 No.637170 Report

Used to have a Gilera Runner 180cc some years ago. Lots of fun.
I might get another scoot one day but a big comfy one, something like a Burgman or a SilverWing.
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