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unusual bicycle thread 03/22/14(Sat)09:31 UTC+1 No.639595 Report

Anonymous 03/22/14(Sat)09:35 UTC+1 No.639596 Report

Anonymous 03/22/14(Sat)09:36 UTC+1 No.639597 Report
File: 313.jpg-(125x89)
This is now a moped thread.pic...
This is now a moped thread.

pic related: my first motor vehicle
Anonymous 03/22/14(Sat)09:40 UTC+1 No.639599 Report

(my bicycle)
Anonymous 03/22/14(Sat)09:41 UTC+1 No.639600 Report
File: 1989.jpg-(125x75)
>>639595What the actual...

What the actual fuck dude? This thread already fucking exists. Check the fucking catalog dude.

Anonymous 03/22/14(Sat)10:06 UTC+1 No.639607 Report

It's such an interesting concept, spoiled by being a complete pile of wank. I wish Honda would steal the idea and stick an engine similar to an Aprilla RS125 in it.
Anonymous 03/22/14(Sat)12:19 UTC+1 No.639630 Report

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