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>using VFR at any time...
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)00:27 UTC+1 No.715333 Report

>using VFR at any time besides when necessary in any scenario
>not letting ATC essentially tell your plane what to do and watch all the gauges
>flying w/o autopilot
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)00:30 UTC+1 No.715334 Report

The most realistic flying experience you'll ever have.
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)00:48 UTC+1 No.715338 Report

: )
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)00:57 UTC+1 No.715341 Report

Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)00:58 UTC+1 No.715342 Report


why are you so mean jay? ;_;
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)01:14 UTC+1 No.715349 Report

I'm not Jay.

I'm Kay.

And despite my teasing, it is a fairly accurate simulation of IFR flying.
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)02:05 UTC+1 No.715386 Report

>IFR is an abstraction of VFR
>flight simulation is an abstraction of flight

So yeah, it is pretty similar.
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)02:07 UTC+1 No.715390 Report

GAfag here. I just dont prefer VFR because it requires too much recognition and eyeballing. I like things to be precise.

Now if you're like OP and playing FSX with shit settings VFR is useless since you cannot see the ground well since it isnt fully rendered
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)06:17 UTC+1 No.715507 Report

So many thing wrong here..
>Cruising at 13,000 in non-pressurized A/C; probably doesn't have oxygen
>Cruising at full throttle
>Cruising at redline, prop full forward
>Mixture not leaned
>Not monitoring 121.5 on Comm 2
>Oil pres. on edge of yellow

Jesus christ, even I knew how to fly better in FS before I started for real.
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)06:27 UTC+1 No.715510 Report

but anon if you cruise at anything but max you'll go slow ;_;

I'm not skilled enough to know the rest. I'm mainly just practicing landings as of now.

Can you help me learn more?
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)07:28 UTC+1 No.715523 Report

>not being a real pilot
Go learn to fly a biplane. Then you can say you're a real pilot.
Anonymous 08/28/14(Thu)06:27 UTC+1 No.715962 Report


Sure, lesson 1:

If you cruise at max you'll kill the engine. If it doesn't overheat it'll kill itself from the high RPM - in real life. Hell, the 160HP C172 I've flown can't run full throttle for more than 5 minutes; it's for take-of and initial climb-out only.

If you want to go faster, fly lower. Pistons will get best range and speed at ~4000-8000. Only time you should be that high is if you need to clear a mountain, in which case it's usually better to go around it.
Anonymous 08/28/14(Thu)07:19 UTC+1 No.715980 Report

tbh I was only that high because ATC told me to be. I suppose I should have requested lower altitude.

What about mixture settings? I know what mixture is fundamentally, but I've no idea when it is appropriate to adjust it. Does it depend on altitude?
Anonymous 08/28/14(Thu)07:42 UTC+1 No.715989 Report

How do you know he wasn't wearing a space suit?
Anonymous 08/28/14(Thu)08:11 UTC+1 No.715993 Report

>I don't like flying VFR because looking outside is hard and I have poor stick and rudder skills.
Anonymous 08/28/14(Thu)09:05 UTC+1 No.716004 Report


>wanting to have to do a full pass of an airport to land on it
>not just getting in position beforehand w/ atc instructions
Anonymous 08/28/14(Thu)10:22 UTC+1 No.716022 Report

Read the poh brah
Anonymous 08/28/14(Thu)18:11 UTC+1 No.716105 Report

Nothing says you can't do a VFR straight in. And a 45 downwind entry to a full stop is hardly a full circuit. Thinking and landing on the first pass are pretty hard though, so I can see why you wouldn't want to do them.
Anonymous 08/28/14(Thu)19:48 UTC+1 No.716141 Report

>probably doesn't have oxygen

Does it depend on altitude?
Yes. You should really only have it maxed during takeoff, landing and run-up when below 3000ft. At any other time it should be lower - even while taxiing. Otherwise you're sending too much fuel to the engine, wasting the fuel that isn't burned and causing carbon build-ups within the cylinders and on the spark plugs. There's also a chance of flooding the engine if it's running WAY too rich. Then you're a very inefficient glider. Running too lean isn't good either, the fuel helps to keep the engine cool, too little = overheat. Running too lean also causes the engine to run rough from the lack of fuel (think a car as it runs out of fuel, you're doing the same thing, but continuously). Say hello to a $10,000 repair bill; if you don't need a new engine altogether.

To summarize: too much fuel = bad, too little fuel = bad.

When above 3000, lean the mixture to get the max RPM without the engine running rough, then enrich a tiny amount. Adjust throttle to your desired cruise setting as stated in the POH.
Anonymous 08/29/14(Fri)00:51 UTC+1 No.716281 Report

Why would anyone monitor 121.5 in flight sim?
Anonymous 08/29/14(Fri)04:10 UTC+1 No.716360 Report

For maximum simulation, brah.
Anonymous 08/29/14(Fri)04:56 UTC+1 No.716385 Report

Does 121.50 serve a purpose in multiplayer?
Anonymous 08/30/14(Sat)17:04 UTC+1 No.716958 Report


TAS increases with altitude, and depending on winds aloft you can get a higher GS at higher altitude.
Anonymous 09/01/14(Mon)02:08 UTC+1 No.717587 Report

he didnt fly so good
Anonymous 09/01/14(Mon)04:22 UTC+1 No.717622 Report

Anonymous 09/01/14(Mon)06:58 UTC+1 No.717670 Report

>using png for a photo
Anonymous 09/01/14(Mon)17:07 UTC+1 No.717751 Report

>he takes it very seriously
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