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Anonymous 08/26/14(Tue)23:44 UTC+1 No.10965022 Report

/o/, someone broke my windshield, and I think I know who did it. It happened 12 days ago around 10 and 10:30 pm. I suspect it happened at my friends house and his brother may have been involved
I suspect it happened then because after that I went to 7/11 then home.
I have reason to believe that his brother did it because ever since it happened, he tends to not even acknowledge let alone look my direction, completely avoiding me visually.
The thing that really convinced me though, was the fact that he wasn't even curious to ask what happened, despite everyone I know who I've encountered since the incident at least asked what happened, except him.
Now I can't prove he did it with evidence, but I know he would tell on himself if manipulated.
Am I crazy or do I have a legitimate case here?
Anonymous 08/26/14(Tue)23:46 UTC+1 No.10965028 Report

Apologize for the photo btw
Anonymous 08/26/14(Tue)23:48 UTC+1 No.10965047 Report

Dayum, nig nog you crazy
Anonymous 08/26/14(Tue)23:54 UTC+1 No.10965075 Report

12 days ago?
Inu 08/27/14(Wed)00:11 UTC+1 No.10965165 Report

Ops pic looks like the front grill of a veyron
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)00:13 UTC+1 No.10965171 Report

Are you a nigger? You sound like a nigger trying to be smart.
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)00:18 UTC+1 No.10965196 Report

Yes I know I'm late but I had to gather info
i typed the way I talk, take it however you want
CC81PT 08/27/14(Wed)00:21 UTC+1 No.10965214 Report

>I suspect I suspect I suspect
Just get over it and for over the money for a new window. Unless someone confesses or you have actual proof you won't get a dime from anyone.
Inu 08/27/14(Wed)00:22 UTC+1 No.10965224 Report

"Now I can't prove he did it with evidence"

"Am I crazy or do I have a legitimate case here?"
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)00:28 UTC+1 No.10965275 Report

That's the problem, I feel very strongly about this accusation. Even if he did do it, how can I get him to tell on himself?
I want him to tell on himself, pretty much
CC81PT 08/27/14(Wed)00:35 UTC+1 No.10965314 Report

Shit on his chest
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