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Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)16:16 UTC+1 No.10833206 Report

Alright /o/. I want to know who truly are the masters of autos: America, Europe, or Japan?
Swifts 08/06/14(Wed)16:17 UTC+1 No.10833208 Report

pls no
Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)16:20 UTC+1 No.10833219 Report

Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)16:22 UTC+1 No.10833223 Report

>TL;DR German if you can afford it.

America makes some of the best engines, but leaves cars with ancient suspension setup, and rather flimsy interior.

Japan makes great responsive cars that produce feedback feel like no other along with LSD's everywhere you look, but they leave most cars somewhat underpowered.

Germany makes maximum comfy cars with a range from decent to tons of power. These cars are both difficult to work on, and costly to maintain. German cars were made in Germany, land of tight and frequent emissions, they take care of their cars like children.

Beggers can't be choosers, automotive industries can only give you so much in a car before exceeding the cost that their target audience will be able to afford.
Hence the reason why german isn't and never will be cheap.
Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)16:24 UTC+1 No.10833230 Report


This board generally seems less than interested in automatic transmissions. I think all you can expect out of this thread is verbal abuse.
Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)16:26 UTC+1 No.10833241 Report

you didnt include europe
Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)16:28 UTC+1 No.10833249 Report

I didn't for a reason.
Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)16:29 UTC+1 No.10833254 Report

KATSUO 08/06/14(Wed)16:29 UTC+1 No.10833255 Report


mah V8 madness burnout quarter mile mobil
Mah econoshits and germobils with good enough-ish aftermarket and easy to diy everything
Mah 4cyl/plsno6cyl tarbo light high per liter power niggetry

Yurop (because cheap shit Volks-mobil (Volks = People or some shit idunno m8)) > Japfuck and Murican (both in one spot because V8/I4 madness)
Narrowed it down to mostly engines, I don't care.
V8s are nice
But I rather lightweight 4cyl SR20VE in a Toyoda

Tho I will NEED to buy a Daihatsu Cuore in shit condition anyday now, fucking econobox right there for cheap as fuck
Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)16:30 UTC+1 No.10833256 Report

>Every country in Europe has to be combined just to compete
Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)16:30 UTC+1 No.10833257 Report

>compact cars>very tiny cars>huge landbarges
Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)16:31 UTC+1 No.10833261 Report

This, so much this.
Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)16:32 UTC+1 No.10833268 Report

Pretty much.

Lanbarges a shit.
Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)16:34 UTC+1 No.10833279 Report

It's subjective depending on what your preference is in an automobile OP..

I can tell you who wins in general at existing, here's a hint...it's one of the countries that doesn't need an entire continent to compare to it; and the other country's greatest political ally(if you google it also) is this country.
Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)16:37 UTC+1 No.10833289 Report

The United Kingdom.

>Thrust SSC, an RAF-built vehicle is the fastest land vehicle on the planet, breaking the sound barrier
>An even faster car, Bloodhound SSC is currently under development, will reach 1000 mph (1609.34 kmh in Burgerland)
>Aston Martin
>Formula 1

If only Britain didn't have such a shitty variety of cars - hatchbacks everywhere.
Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)16:38 UTC+1 No.10833296 Report

Pleb waifu.
Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)16:40 UTC+1 No.10833304 Report

Lel, the UK is a joke. Nowadays they don't even have proper cars except Aston Martin, fucking Land Rover is owned by India and Mini by BMW.
British nationalism is one of the worst in the whole universe, get fucked you inbred island monkey.
Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)16:40 UTC+1 No.10833305 Report

Whatever Britain achieves, your automobile industry will always be tarnished by Layland.

I'm not even saying that to be a dick, that's just how it is.
Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)16:41 UTC+1 No.10833311 Report

Everyone on the planet should get ONE OF WHAT YOU FUCKING LISTED.

It -does- actually make me mad when people post retarded shit like this.
Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)16:42 UTC+1 No.10833320 Report

>British nationalism is one of the worst in the whole universe

i do hope this post isn't american

t: not even a britbong
Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)16:44 UTC+1 No.10833333 Report

It isn't, I'm an Yuropoor. And not French or German thankfully.
Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)16:45 UTC+1 No.10833336 Report

American here, I agree with him.

"Of course you do, you're American"

No, but the British are especially the shittiest....at least we aren't shitty until you talk down to us publically, Americans have a problem of taking themselves too seriously; and that's about it.....unlike Russian youth having a game in which they throw feces, or German 13 year old middle school harems with "Progressive thinking" parents, but the British....everywhere they go you cannot please them, they are not happy; when they visit other countries...you wonder why they left Britain because the entire time you talk to them they are pointing out reasons why their inferiority complex of an island is somehow superior.
brzbro 08/06/14(Wed)16:46 UTC+1 No.10833337 Report

American cars are confused, german cars are sterile and clinical, french cars are hopeless, and the japanese know when to make a well built cheap ecobox or a good sportscar, depending on the economy and what people will actually buy.

Household italian brands seem to mostly have forgotten rear wheel drive. (looking at you alfa, and fiat) and still as unreliable as ever.

My vote goes to japan, honorable mentions to england and italy for having made most of the greatest cars ever


Jaguar is owned by indians

Lotus is owned by someone in asia

Mini, rover, RR and bentley is owned by nazis. Only cars left are really caterham and morgan tricycles.

British autos died at the millenium.
Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)16:47 UTC+1 No.10833340 Report

Rover died a decade ago.
brzbro 08/06/14(Wed)16:48 UTC+1 No.10833350 Report


I got a 2006 range rover sport parked outside.

Its cool?

But not a proper rover
Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)16:50 UTC+1 No.10833355 Report

Then say Land Rover you tard.
And Land Rover is Indian btw.
Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)16:52 UTC+1 No.10833366 Report

Burgerland uses mph too you know
Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)16:53 UTC+1 No.10833370 Report



Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)16:53 UTC+1 No.10833372 Report

fastest wheel driven vehicle
Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)16:54 UTC+1 No.10833377 Report


How many Brits have you come across like that?
Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)16:54 UTC+1 No.10833381 Report

Not him, but every one I've met, so like a dozen.
brzbro 08/06/14(Wed)16:54 UTC+1 No.10833383 Report


you knew what i meant, dont be stupid.

We used to have a rover 75 before too.

That car was especially hillarious
Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)16:56 UTC+1 No.10833389 Report

Several when I worked at a resort in La Jolla.

Not towards the resort, just in how they acted towards guests....particularly Oriental, Indian and Middle Eastern men and women.
Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)16:56 UTC+1 No.10833391 Report


>Yrop does not produce an equal number of landbarges as any other region of the world
Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)16:57 UTC+1 No.10833393 Report

>That car was especially hillarious
I think it looks pretty elegant and unique. Too bad it's FWD and very unreliable, lack of parts too.
Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)16:57 UTC+1 No.10833395 Report

I thought the aspect ratio was wrong on that pic at first.
brzbro 08/06/14(Wed)17:00 UTC+1 No.10833407 Report


Parts werent even easy to get here, when it was "new"
Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)17:01 UTC+1 No.10833413 Report

Have you imported it or was there some genuine Rover dealership?
Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)17:02 UTC+1 No.10833416 Report

Muh british Leyland Motor Corp.
Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)17:04 UTC+1 No.10833423 Report

I like you.
brzbro 08/06/14(Wed)17:05 UTC+1 No.10833425 Report


Dad imported it from germany i think, around 99-2000

It was pretty new, but it sort of just fell apart over the years.
Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)17:05 UTC+1 No.10833426 Report

>longaudi is long! :3

Compare the size of current models to mid-'90s ones. Even the A4 will achieve barge-status within the next couple of years.
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