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Anonymous 08/26/14(Tue)23:05 UTC+1 No.10964856 Report

Alright /o/, my car is valued at about 5k according to kbb, but considering I live in Jew York, and our Craigslist prices are fucking retarded, how much do you think I could stretch the price? It's only got 30k on it and is nearly brand new.

Pic related, 03 Malibu.
Anonymous 08/26/14(Tue)23:07 UTC+1 No.10964863 Report

afk 6K, when offered 4 or 5, take it
Anonymous 08/26/14(Tue)23:08 UTC+1 No.10964869 Report

You would be lucky to get 4k for that thing.
Anonymous 08/26/14(Tue)23:11 UTC+1 No.10964881 Report

What am I supposed to replace it with for 5k? And how does a wrx with 200k on the clock warrant a price tag of 5k?
Anonymous 08/26/14(Tue)23:24 UTC+1 No.10964934 Report

You want to get rid of a perfectly good car 30k on the clock for a turd wrx with 200k? Nigga you crazy
Anonymous 08/26/14(Tue)23:29 UTC+1 No.10964957 Report

No, I don't want a piece of shit, that's why I'm angry. This car is a boring turd and I want something new.
Anonymous 08/26/14(Tue)23:32 UTC+1 No.10964970 Report

You should be grateful anon. Especially if it was just given to you. It would be stupid and rude to trade this nice car for a rode hard run down wrx.
Anonymous 08/26/14(Tue)23:47 UTC+1 No.10965039 Report

It wasn't given to me, I bought it. But now I want something less boring. I don't want some 200k wrx, that's why I wanted to see how much I could stretch the price.
Anonymous 08/26/14(Tue)23:59 UTC+1 No.10965090 Report

Its your burden now. You must drive it for the rest of eternity. Or just save up for a year and sell it and buy what you really want.
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)00:21 UTC+1 No.10965215 Report

I thought I'd be able to sell this thing for a decent amount, but anything I want to buy is overpriced to the max. everything in my price range has at least 170k on it.

Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)01:58 UTC+1 No.10966011 Report

Cobalt SS
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