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Can someone tell me what this...
Anonymous 06/16/14(Mon)14:55 UTC+1 No.10494373 Report

Can someone tell me what this is in pic related
its basicly some plastic piece that u pull out from the side
it's from a vw passat
someone mention something about injection or common rail but i need the exact name
thanks bro's
Anonymous 06/16/14(Mon)14:58 UTC+1 No.10494386 Report

guys really need answers, this is the only angle i could find u cant really see the actuall thing
Anonymous 06/16/14(Mon)14:59 UTC+1 No.10494392 Report

bumping in 3 mins on /o/
faget your post never left the first page
Anonymous 06/16/14(Mon)15:00 UTC+1 No.10494395 Report

my bad
heres a nother pic
Anonymous 06/16/14(Mon)15:53 UTC+1 No.10494549 Report

That's the wiring harness for the injectors/glow plugs. Common problem on that engine, can cause misfiring.
Ole 06/16/14(Mon)15:54 UTC+1 No.10494553 Report

I have change that on my vw passat, it is the wire compoents to the injectors, and its easy to change, but u ned to heat the plastic to "bend" it in place. just go to a vw dealer, and say that you need the wire components to the common rail. Te wires comes whit the plastic so you change the hole ting. the price is about $100. U can also try to clean the connections, that often works.
Anonymous 06/16/14(Mon)16:47 UTC+1 No.10494731 Report

i fucken low u m8
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