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/o/ - Auto - Craigslist Finds: Also European Finds Edition

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Craigslist Finds: Also European Finds Edition Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)14:59 UTC+1 No.10737986 Report


Convince me not to.

>asking 3500€
>reinforced frame
>180cm/6ft long bed with water runoff, rope rings and lighting
>heated rear window
>doesn't look as chopped up as the average ute conversion
Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)15:04 UTC+1 No.10737998 Report

I saw this thing and immediately thought "Goddamn, with a new coat of paint and a little work, that would make a sweet ride, and for $500 you cant go wrong!"

Then I saw the address.
Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)15:06 UTC+1 No.10738008 Report


>fick ya
Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)15:09 UTC+1 No.10738019 Report

Fast 400.000 km...
Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)15:14 UTC+1 No.10738027 Report

118PS 2L 4-Zylinder....Das Ding wird kaum kaputt gehen.
Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)15:15 UTC+1 No.10738028 Report

Drive it until it wheezes to death, then swap a 6cyl from a totaled W124 in.
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