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Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)16:20 UTC+1 No.10833218 Report

I'll keep this short.
I'm moving to the US.
I don't think it's worth my effort to try and import my Impreza.
I need a car that'll be reasonably reliable. IDGAF about muh mpgs.
What's reliable, fun to drive, and easy for me to get in the US?

pic is stereotypical yankmobile
Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)16:23 UTC+1 No.10833227 Report

Another imprezel.
Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)16:24 UTC+1 No.10833233 Report

You can get an Impreza in the US if you like Imprezas.
Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)16:25 UTC+1 No.10833238 Report


They also sell some pretty impressive pretzels in jew york.
Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)16:37 UTC+1 No.10833288 Report



You can keep it for two years. Then you'll have to send it back. Unless its a CDM car.

If it's a GC cut it in half and send it to someone you know in the states, then swap it to a US chasis when you get here. If you want something different while you're here, then do the swap and sell it for more $$$ than you'd get locally
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