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Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)18:03 UTC+1 No.10738694 Report

I'm sorry your E36 broke and you can't go see your girlfriend Onii-chan. Maybe I can be your E36 tonight?
Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)18:05 UTC+1 No.10738701 Report

>Thinking an E36 can even compare to a maxima

Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)18:05 UTC+1 No.10738703 Report

Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)18:05 UTC+1 No.10738707 Report

eugh get out of my face you disgusting cunt
Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)18:07 UTC+1 No.10738714 Report

do people really take bmw seriously as a car maker because all they ever make is unreliable shite
Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)18:08 UTC+1 No.10738722 Report

Another Quality MUHV6 Thread
Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)18:10 UTC+1 No.10738733 Report


It's ok, I'll walk.
Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)18:15 UTC+1 No.10738756 Report

>not wanting to drive a glorious VQ powered machine
Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)18:16 UTC+1 No.10738759 Report

What's wrong with Nissan Maximas again?
Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)18:17 UTC+1 No.10738764 Report

>tfw no v6 5 speed maxima
Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)18:17 UTC+1 No.10738765 Report

nothing except front wheel drive
Anonymous 07/23/14(Wed)18:19 UTC+1 No.10738776 Report

>>10738764 They're 6 speeds in the 3.5 VQ
Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)01:21 UTC+1 No.10741004 Report

Onii-chan is mine you saucy bitch.
Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)01:27 UTC+1 No.10741027 Report

>car waifus

Don't plunge your dick into the tailpipe. You do not know where its been.
Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)01:39 UTC+1 No.10741085 Report

>My face when you have never owned one
>My face when my BMW has 300k miles and is running better than most cars do at 100k with original motor/driveline
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