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I've always wondered /o/,...
Anonymous 06/16/14(Mon)07:00 UTC+1 No.10492921 Report

I've always wondered /o/, how to brake uprgades work.

Surely if you can put the car into a skid (if ABS was disconnected) then you have the best brakes you can have, as they overcome the tyres when working at their highest.

So whats the point of upgrading your brakes without upgrading to super sticky tyres first?
Anonymous 06/16/14(Mon)07:04 UTC+1 No.10492949 Report

It's how your brakes start to fade and such. There's more to brakes then just maximum stopping power at a good operating temperature.
Anonymous 06/16/14(Mon)07:04 UTC+1 No.10492951 Report

You do both at around the same time.

You're not going to be rolling around on 16" rotors and off-brand tires
Anonymous 06/16/14(Mon)07:16 UTC+1 No.10493005 Report

>It's how your brakes start to fade and such. There's more to brakes then just maximum stopping power at a good operating temperature.
so bigger brakes dont actually have any effect on stopping distance....
Anonymous 06/16/14(Mon)07:26 UTC+1 No.10493082 Report

It truely depends. Bigger brakes = less stopping distance, as long as your tires can keep up, but they also have the advantage that they've got better surface area, which means less brake fade through heat dissipation. More pad to warm up does mean you need to put more effort into getting them hot though, and iirc it adds unsprung mass, which is always a bitch. At a certain point, brakes also exponentialy more expensive the bigger you go, and we haven't even talked about the materials here.

tl;dr bigger brakes has an effect on stopping distance, but there's other factors too.
Anonymous 06/16/14(Mon)07:28 UTC+1 No.10493098 Report

so for instance, your average enthusiast, who goes out in his miata and swaps his brakes for the NB ones, is the really helping him drop speed as much as a proper set of semi slicks would?
Anonymous 06/16/14(Mon)07:33 UTC+1 No.10493122 Report

Unless something's wrong, it's the rotor that absorbs the vast majority of the heat, not the pad.
Also, I fail to see why brake fade is relevant off the track. The only situation I can think of where you would overheat the brakes off the track is going down a mountain road, in which case it doesn't really matter because the bigger brakes would still overheat, just a bit later. You should be engine-braking anyway or take breaks if you have an autotragic (the transmission will overheat before the brakes).

OP: if you can trigger ABS on excellent road surfaces, then yes, the answer is better tires.
Anonymous 06/16/14(Mon)07:36 UTC+1 No.10493149 Report

Do you need things spelled out for you that badly? Bigger brakes will only help if the brakes you have already are insufficient to overwhelm the tires.
Anonymous 06/16/14(Mon)07:37 UTC+1 No.10493152 Report

I'm making an uneducated guess here, saying that the tires wouldn't be the limiting factor, so yes, it'd improve his braking. Whether it'd be as good as semislicks, I dunno. Semislicks+stock brakes might mean the brakes fade in less then a few laps though. Keep in mind the semislicks would also allow for more cornering force, which could improve times as well, but the brake system is an upgrade that lasts longer.

Of course, the combination of semislicks and bigger brakes would be the best. You always try and keep your brakes on par with your tires, and the other way around.

My bad about the rotor and the pads.
Brake fade is irrelevant off the track indeed, but that was just a few examples of brake characteristics that change with size and materials used. One big factor on the street would be cold bite for example(also relevant on autocross for example, where you can't get heat into your rotos by doing a test lap).
Anonymous 06/16/14(Mon)07:42 UTC+1 No.10493185 Report

thanks /o/.

my question has been answered :)
Anonymous 06/16/14(Mon)08:00 UTC+1 No.10493286 Report

Biggest thing is heat resistance and management.

There's also pedal feel, reducing weight, allowing a better variety of pad compounds, availability of replacement parts, ect
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