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Anonymous 08/10/14(Sun)14:44 UTC+1 No.10860444 Report


Checked out an 06 GS500F yesterday and I was stalling the mufuka like no joke. The bike would stall even when I let out the clutch super slow. I had to get her up to 2500 and let out the clutch halfway to get going without a stall.

Is this normal??
Anonymous 08/10/14(Sun)14:47 UTC+1 No.10860463 Report

yes normal because the carbs are usually set lean from the factory for emissions.
every bike becomes easier to ride with a good tune and carb sync.
id call it not ideal but very common.
Anonymous 08/10/14(Sun)16:47 UTC+1 No.10860893 Report

> Aprilia RS rider
Anonymous 08/10/14(Sun)16:49 UTC+1 No.10860901 Report

Should've got an NSR instead.
Anonymous 08/10/14(Sun)16:53 UTC+1 No.10860917 Report

>not RGV
are you even a rider?
Anonymous 08/10/14(Sun)16:57 UTC+1 No.10860933 Report


All of these slaves to the Mito.
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