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Rental review: Malibu LT rotaryfag 07/23/14(Wed)16:06 UTC+1 No.10738202 Report

First impressions:
Styling is meh, it's blocky and truckish. Looks like it wants to be in the Transformers franchise. Waistline is trying to be sporty.
Interior: about as much plastic as I'd expect from the poverty spec. Media display is large, icons are a little bit ugly.
A pillars are too close together, ass is too high. Feels like I'm riding in a tank (and not in a good way)
Suspension is soft and utterly uncommunicative. I didn't die when I pushed it as hard as I was comfortable with. Cloth seats are mediocre. Mileage is respectable, I averaged above 30mpg highway and above 20mpg city with a/c on. Engine is very Jekyll and Hyde - completely gutless up to ~3000rpm when all the power comes on at once before it shifts at 4000. Tip in is wretched, you depress the pedal a little bit and get nothing a little bit more and you get the tiniest lump of acceleration that is still more than you expect because it's preceded and followed by fuck all.

Other notes: Instantly wants to change inputs when you plug in a phone to charge. Having the trunk popper on the keyfob is nice, but I still have no idea how else to open the trunk. Also the keyfob popper won't work with the key turned to accessory or the engine running so...

2/10, would not bang. Might be ideal for someone who hates cars and needs a commuter appliance.
Stolen Recaros 07/23/14(Wed)16:15 UTC+1 No.10738236 Report

>Might be ideal for someone who hates cars and needs a commuter appliance.
rotaryfag 07/23/14(Wed)16:19 UTC+1 No.10738248 Report

>grounded to the ground

Didn't have that. I got the impression that the ground was some distant place that I was floating over... which might be good for some people I guess.
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