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Anonymous 06/18/14(Wed)03:43 UTC+1 No.334703 Report

/out/ both my wife and i want to nice back RI the mountains

We both went to school in the blue ridge

>Appalachian State

I've got a six figure job and she does ok, we have two boys 4 and 2

How can we get back and into a community and live comfortably? Anons with experience preferred.
Anonymous 06/18/14(Wed)03:44 UTC+1 No.334704 Report


Fucking autocorrect

... Both my wife and I want to move back to the mountains
Anonymous 06/18/14(Wed)17:36 UTC+1 No.334973 Report

>Got a 6 figure job
>Can't figure out how to interact with people

Why lie? Seriously? Why not just tell the fucking truth? The fuck are you playing at? WHy fucking lie? FUCKING WHY!?
4RAppalachia 06/18/14(Wed)17:47 UTC+1 No.334976 Report

Come back to Asheville
The 'hippies' people complain about are less annoying than the people complaining TBH

The Mountains are lovely
There's simply so much to do/explore and its a great place to raise kids (most particularly boys, my sister didn't take too kindly to dirt)
Anonymous 06/18/14(Wed)18:07 UTC+1 No.334982 Report

I went to DAT school. I'll take your job. You probably live in charlotte
Anonymous 06/18/14(Wed)18:16 UTC+1 No.334990 Report

Anyway just keep your job in the Piedmont if u still live in NC. Western nic has dog shit schools and no jerbs. But u can visit on the weekend
4RAppalachia 06/18/14(Wed)18:19 UTC+1 No.334992 Report

>dog shit schools
I beg your pardon, TC R was nice
Anonymous 06/19/14(Thu)00:21 UTC+1 No.335168 Report


U wot m8?
Anonymous 06/19/14(Thu)03:18 UTC+1 No.335237 Report

Having spent a lot of time talking to rednecks out by Marshall and Hot Springs and stuff, I think the trick is just don't be a dick. Don't put up a bunch of ugly fences, or a huge dick-compensating house, or clear-cut half a mountain, and nobody will have a problem with you, assuming you have half a brain in your head, and you understand how to be polite.
Anonymous 06/19/14(Thu)04:12 UTC+1 No.335275 Report


I understand how to be polite

We are looking at moving to brevard or chatanooga. We aren't trying to live inawoods completely. We prefer a town community.

Should have phrased it differently... how can I move a lifestyle of relative wealth from the big city to a mountain town? Is there a market for technical business experience in small-ish mountain places?
4RAppalachia 06/19/14(Thu)04:21 UTC+1 No.335280 Report

As nice as Brevard is, you will have better job luck in Asheville
Anonymous 06/19/14(Thu)12:35 UTC+1 No.335433 Report

pick out a few towns you want to move to, keep a look out for jobs there and strike at upcoming opportunities.
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