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Anonymous 07/05/14(Sat)14:04 UTC+1 No.343202 Report

Camo or high visibility?
Anonymous 07/05/14(Sat)15:01 UTC+1 No.343214 Report

Depends what you're doing. If I'm climbing a mountain, I'm wearing the brightest colors I can find. If I'm trying to evade the Serbian army, I'm wearing camo.

Also certain bright colors make you go faster.
Anonymous 07/05/14(Sat)15:12 UTC+1 No.343218 Report


Hi-vis camo.
Anonymous 07/05/14(Sat)15:36 UTC+1 No.343233 Report
File: 1404108898054.jpg-(125x125)
If it only comes in camo, like...
If it only comes in camo, like military surplus, yes.

If camo is an option, no.

More to add than visibility to people.

Certain colors attract more heat.

Certain colors attract bugs.
Anonymous 07/05/14(Sat)17:12 UTC+1 No.343274 Report

Black, brown, green, tan, grey, OD, coyote etc.
Anonymous 07/05/14(Sat)17:15 UTC+1 No.343279 Report

>be of try evade Serbian army
kebab detect
Anonymous 07/05/14(Sat)17:17 UTC+1 No.343280 Report

I like a combination, sometimes a bright orange hat with camo pants, being a slave to fashion outdoors is all the hotness. Besides, you can just take you hate off if you spot da Serbs.
Anonymous 07/05/14(Sat)18:24 UTC+1 No.343325 Report
File: muzzleloader-deer-hunting-4.jpg-(93x125)
>bright orange hat with camo pants
>being a slave to fashion
Anonymous 07/06/14(Sun)01:41 UTC+1 No.343597 Report

So... UCP?
Anonymous 07/06/14(Sun)02:13 UTC+1 No.343632 Report
File: 1268194168976.jpg-(83x125)
>>343325>its not the...
>its not the clothes, it's whos in it
Mule 07/06/14(Sun)02:36 UTC+1 No.343642 Report
File: DSC02790.jpg-(125x93)
>>343214>Depends what...
>Depends what you're doing.
Very much so.
>Also certain bright colors make you go faster.
And stickers add horsepower.

Pic related. 144 sq in orange required in snocross racing.
Anonymous 07/06/14(Sun)13:50 UTC+1 No.343910 Report

Fucking pedo.
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)12:35 UTC+1 No.344667 Report

That looks like a dude with long hair.
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)12:51 UTC+1 No.344669 Report
File: 4972175713_4478c79826_z.jpg-(93x125)
>>343202>Camo or high...
>Camo or high visibility?

Earth tones and/or hunting camo, because I don't want to look like a gay superhero inna woods.
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)19:15 UTC+1 No.344908 Report

I'm usually somewhere I shouldn't be so I'm usually wearing camo or earth tones.

Looks like a trap that posts on /b/ and /soc/
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)19:24 UTC+1 No.344913 Report

cccccc-camo because I want be a part of the nature.
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)21:14 UTC+1 No.344987 Report

why not somewhere in between
camo is too fucking tryhard and unnecessary
hi-vis kinda ruins the experience and feels too synthetic. plus it makes you look like a tool
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)23:43 UTC+1 No.345079 Report
File: w_485_1340087710_ecf1_tumblr_m2spr86PBN1r6nm6ao1_500.jpg-(124x82)
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)23:54 UTC+1 No.345085 Report

Summer - light earth tones
Winter - black
Anonymous 07/08/14(Tue)11:02 UTC+1 No.345421 Report

I generally wear earth tones when hiking, although sometimes I'll put on a pair of decent 65/35 woodland or auscam pants. I've never understood why most of the top camping brands sell stuff in horribly bright colours. I know that it is useful for safety in some situations, but I go into the bush to avoid people and I generally don't want to be seen by anyone.
Anonymous 07/08/14(Tue)13:31 UTC+1 No.345439 Report

I don't have any camo gear. I have a lot of earth tone clothing for casual walking and also brighter coloured clothing for running and more exploratory hiking.
Anonymous 07/08/14(Tue)14:05 UTC+1 No.345452 Report
File: 089.jpg-(125x125)
I only use oliv, green, brown...
I only use oliv, green, brown and stuff like that. No camo. As >>344987 said, I would feel like a tryhard, despite being a former soldier.
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