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Camping? Anonymous 07/02/14(Wed)06:03 UTC+1 No.341580 Report

I want to go camping for the first time ever around the NYC area. Anyone have any suggestions about where to go? Trying to go to a place for 4th of July, so a lot of areas that need reservations are most likely booked already.
Anonymous 07/02/14(Wed)06:59 UTC+1 No.341599 Report
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North Jersey-ite here. Within...
North Jersey-ite here. Within the area, you're best bet is Harriman State Park or the Catskills (Adirondacks are better than both, but a long ass drive so I'll leave them out)
Harriman is smaller in every respect. Less dense forest, more people, more man made shit/road proximety. That said, it is still a very nice place, and I've spent many enjoyable nights there. The thinner forest and tamer elevation may better suit your first time. Google some recommended overnight, you won't be disappointed. It WILL 100% be insanely crowded 4th of July tho.

Catskills are cover much much more area, have higher elevation (Harriman is more glorified hills than mountains), and are generally more "legit". Most areas are "wilderness", so they are untouched (mostly) and dense. The hikes are harder, the rewards are greater. The sheer size may be intimidating for a first timer, plus its harder to find a random tent spot than in relatively flat harriman. It's also a good deal farther. You can still just Google overnight hikes and find something good, but you'll prob need to invest in the map set. It will also be very crowded July 4th, especially in the popular areas, but almost certainly less so than Harriman just cause its many many times its size.
Catskills are bigger, more wild, more private. Harriman is simple and pleasant.

>pic related Island Pond in Harriman State Park
Anonymous 07/02/14(Wed)07:50 UTC+1 No.341610 Report

damn dude that was a rly helpful reply, i want to send you a gift or something lmao
Anonymous 07/02/14(Wed)07:53 UTC+1 No.341612 Report

Thank you very much
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